Scorcher tech wip ver 2

posted in PRC434 on Oct 20, 2021

My attempt at techno. Sounds more like hardstyle to more I look at it. Couldn't get the kick right neither the atmosphere I wanted. I wouldn't vote on this I just want to submit what I came up with.

Cave Explorer

posted in PRC429 on Jul 07, 2021

Experimenting with old school breakbeats. I did this at last minute before going to work. It was rushed but I wanted to try it.

Underwater Ramp wip

posted in PRC428 on Jun 16, 2021

Ran out of time. This is nowhere near finished but wanted to submit what I did anyway. I wanted to do breakbeat but didn't turn out that way. Mainly this is me trying to find some structure. This is pretty much a rough draft.

Not enough power

posted in PRC241 on Mar 30, 2013
Once again I do not think I can finish this. Its not complete to my liking and wish I can complete it. But might as well submit what I have. Its pretty rushed was going for a future garagey type mix. I had a vision but couldn't carry it out ....

failed busrt

posted in PRC237 on Feb 03, 2013
Started this yesterday. But I have to work 16 hour straight shift so I don't have time to finish nor think of how to finish it. Its incomplete but I just want to submit it anyway. Must go to bed now.

Eladard's troll

posted in PRC202 on Sep 11, 2011
Started on it yesterday night. just to get the structure. Tried different sounds and tried to go for the hardcore approach but wont have time. So it sounds totally off lol. Got to work in morning but since I wasted soo much time on it I might as well submit.

Snake for fun

posted in PRC195 on Jun 06, 2011
Wasnt serious about this. I wanted to do dnb but I messed up by slowing the tempo down and was to lazy to bring back up. Then the dnb song turned into something different b/c I was addicted to the new bass sounds I made.... It was fun though...kinda.. disappointing actually.

TMNT2(Nes) Snow Sucks

posted in PRC194 on May 22, 2011
I learned that producers in the 90s are relics of old legends. I can't remix games in hardcore breaks/rave yet. Need more drums + new set of ears. I wish I never downloaded the Midi. Damit, I couldnt make the sounds I wanted.

Wing Damage

posted in PRC184 on Dec 15, 2010
Came back from work, wanted to edit a little bit. Still sounds like garbage but it makes me feel better. I don't even know how it sounds.
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