Mega Man 7 - Burst Man (PRC237)


"Hello Kevin.

For the next PRC, I pick... Mega Man 7 - Burst Man Stage

I know, more Mega Man. We got Mega Man compos, Mega Man projects, Mega man, Mega Man, MEGA MAN. But what can I say, I love all the games, love all the soundtracks, and you can never go wrong with it.

Well, at least I think so. Most of the time when i pick a song that I think is great, there's a low turnout. Let's hope for the best!"
(Sir Nuts)

Deadline is (well, I forgot to put this sentence here last time and the turnout was quite good. Anyway, I don't think that's the reason so I just mention it) February the 4th, 10:59 AM ThaSauce Time


Start: on 1/24/13
Deadline: on 2/4/13
Voting: on 2/6/13

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