Ape Escape - Time Station (PS1) (PRC451)


Source: Ape Escape - Time Station (PS1)

"Why is the music in the Ape Escape series, sooooooo gooood!? Like every track is just a winner, i absolutely love it. Minus the 2nd one, which is also good, but more of a conventional video game score. Still though, i can't get over how every track is just...awesome. I ended up making a list of sources from 1st to 3rd, and i still don't think that's enough. I ended up picking this one, because it was the one i was ended up returning to quite frequently, and also i didn't want to spend ages choosing a source. Believe you and me, the next time i win, i will be sending more Ape Escape sources to be remixed, because this soundtrack does not get enough love. 

It's just very weird and creative music as well. We have a mixture of that 90's ethereal ambience, mixed with very thick but very light jungle breaks. Some tracks are very goofy sounding, almost like it belongs to some cartoony world. The tracks vary, but they all have essentially the same Jungle/DnB outline in all of them. It's really the melodic content/arrangement that dictates the style/sound. So some tracks sound cold, some sound mechanical, some sound dreamy, some sound goofy and cute, and of course some tracks have a series hard edge to them, akin to rock music. I settled for this track in particular, because not only did i like the very sparse cold wintery sound, but because it gave us a framework for essentially us to make it our own, to add some new idea. It's a semi-black canvas basically. I also picked it, because it was the easiest to create the MIDI for XD.

I've already submitted an Ape Escape source before, so most of you might already know the game i'm talking about. Plus i don't want to bombard this with soo much text. Essentially it's a monkey game, where you capture monkey's using a variety of tools. Enough monkey's will allow you to move to the next stage. Considered unique gameplay at the time. Although i can only pick one Ape Escape source, rest assured when given the opportunity, more will come soon. 

Anyways, i think that's enough from me, i hope you do this one justice!"


GAME: Ape Escape (PS1)

Source: Time Station



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