Ape Escape - Time Station (PS1) (PRC451)

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Jul 30, 2022 hleet
  1. Space-Time Aptinuum

@Souperion : It's interesting.

I think it could be like ... the ending song xD.

Nice vibe.

@TheVideoGamer : very nice

Clean and clear sounds, faithful to the original melody.

7 min long, it's insane. Congrats for doing it so long.

Well done, I like it !

Aug 01, 2022 bundeslang
  1. Time Station - Ape Escape (HLEET Remix)
  2. Space-Time Aptinuum
  3. Ape n Breaks (BONUS DO NOT VOTE)

Hleet - Liked the stuff on the background in this song.

Souperion - The space sounds work nicely with this source. I get the feeling that this song is a long intro.

TheVideoGamer - Another long one from you. There's much stuff in it, liked the drumwork.