One Hour Compo - Round 661 (OHC661)

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Jun 10, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. Bubbledream
  2. Floating By
  3. iridescent reflection


Jun 10, 2021 InvisibleObserver
  1. spoiler alert it pops at the end
  2. shiny surface of water
  3. One Last Kiss to Bubble
    Wassup Thunder

Jun 10, 2021 Arcana
  1. iridescent reflection
  2. Bubbledream
  3. Floating By

All ambience all the time!

Jun 14, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Opalescent Bubble Infront of Greenery
  2. Fragile and fun
  3. Floating By

@Misael.K - It's starting to come up more lol. Although my go to progression seems to be more like a simple C to F, (In any key)

@Animatrix - I tried to be as much Anti-Beat as possible for this one. I always make music with beats, so i tried to make it mostly ambient. For once i succeeded, instead of going into my usual habit, as not once instance of kick and snare makes an appearance.

@Garian - Well at the time of uploading, in bed lol. As of typing now, it's pretty late, but more so like 7-8pm, than 2-3 am. VG says hi haha.

@Ethansight - Yeah the spice in that chord is really something.

@Garian - Well the fun didn't last long lol. No but in all seriousness, i nearly fainted at one point, because my DAW crashed, and i thought i had a corrupt file. I literally thought all my work had disappeared from that, meaning i had to waste 15 minutes making sure i had it all. This project, was not forgiving to my DAW, otherwise i would have done a bit more to this. Luckily backups are live saving! Always use a backup if it crashes! That allowed me to finish the job.

@Misael.K - There is actually a volume automation on the lead, because the high notes for some reason, seem to take up most of the spectrum, but the low notes seem to get masked in the back. So i had to use it, to balance out the levels. If i could change it, i would maybe mix it better, but both due to time and also, conscience i did the best temporary solution.

@InvisibleObserver - lol real men blow bubbles. Ask SpongeBob haha.

@Misael.K - I actually don't know to be honest, chord naming is the last thing on my mind when making music in an hour lol. It's definitely spicy though, and worth it in the context of the whole progression.

@Suzums - Is this gonna be the new debate now XD. Which chord did i use? I still don't know, and honestly i'll leave it to the analysers for this. I'll stick to my ears thank you.

@Misael.K - I thought all of your tracks had interesting chords to begin with?

@Animatrix - It doesn't sound too off, with the exception that mine is beatless.

@Garian - Distant? No idea lol. All risers and impacts come from Vengeance. You obviously know the classic sample packs. I use it for quickness really.

@InvisibleObserver - I am a fan of the phrasing here i will say. Glad you like it too.

@Misael.K - The final impact to signify the arrival home ;)

@Garian - My sort of OCD want's me to take it home lol. I felt like a release was a bit, too simple. So i finished it with a chord and a impact.

@Misael.K - Wouldn't you not consider this track to have an ending section?

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now Then....

TheVideoGamer - For once i managed to come up with a track, that isn't so heavily reliant on drums and beats. Sure last Thursday's entrant (The underwater one) had a huge focus on ambient parts, which is a good thing, but i still ended up caving into the habit of adding a beat. (And quite a heavy DnB one as well) Even if it's well received, and highly regarded (Both from me and the listeners), i still felt like i didn't need one. Anyway's enough rambling, i took a 4 bar chord progression, and stacked layers to make a dense texture. Mostly the same chord progression with different instruments. For the most part it's 3 sections, each following an A B C A B structure. It's sort of variations of each, but different. The melody is centre stage here, kind of like a solo but more so to complete the top line. Especially good here, since it uses a lot of gliding notes. All in all super proud of this one, just a lovely idea. Hope you like it too.

Lyra_183 - Wow never knew you had that kind of voice in you lol. Wish it didn't end so quickly, but liking it, good job!

cotmm68030 - Very pretty, lots of beautiful delay's being explored here. Reminds heavily of Biosphere, since he uses a lot of delay. What's lovely here, is the space between each incidence of the guitar, it's soo pretty. I just love the reverb here, so good. Well done!

Garian - Very 80's inspired i like it a lot. Great chords here, and rich juicy bass synths. Full brass mode activated. Right now it's very much in the idea phase. You've presented a lovely idea, but it doesn't feel fleshed out or complete. It's also a little on the loopy side, so this is definitely ripe for expansion. Good job though!

animatrix1490 - Very nice piano chords, and clarinet melody. Really simple, lovely grooves. The clarinet get's a bit loud for me, and there's too much cluster chords going on, without movement, but the groove was super nice. Good job!

jontopielski - Why do i hear Earthworm Jim's Use Your Head in here? lol. Sadly, It's way too short and ends abruptly which is a bummer, because the melody is fire, and the bass is super funky. The last secondary melody at the end, is very detuned, and out of sync. All in all it just needs expanding, and tweaking. It's a lovely idea, good job!

Souperion - Very pretty orchestral instrumentation. Nice Pentatonic action here, it's very dramatic at times, but has that hint of reflection. It's not super happy, it's like a interesting blend of happiness, but in a more serious thinking way. I don't know how to describe it, i keep saying happiness. The synths are lovely, and really compliment the piece. I also dig the high pitched "whistly" square melodies. Kind of how i did my melody to be honest lol. The whole thing was just enjoyable from start to finish, nothing bad here, well done!

Koekepan - Another pretty composition, that seems to have a very odd looking waveform. It takes a long time for things to get going, which i don't know if i like. Maybe it's the simplicity that i'm supposed to be drawn to. I am a fan of Steve Reich...a lot, so don't think i hate minimalism or anything like that (I guess it's the whole Repetition Legitimizes.) I really like the pads here, it complements the bells super well. The arps played on the bell, lend itself well to the melody synth. I could argue and say it's too minimalistic for me, i would like some more instrumentation to make it expansive, however i'm also drawn to the straight-forwardness of the simplicity. I feel like it works more than i think it does. Who knows, i'm rambling on for too long, I'll give you this one. Well done!

DarkShadow - Wow DarkShadow is going for his shortest entry yet lol. I do dig the melodic writing in this one, this one is a stronger entrant from you, for sure. Still feels like more could be added, for a short entry, but nice nonetheless. Good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - DDR going back to his roots? Or would you say his Chips? Ok I'll show myself out lol. The cute childlike melody is super fitting to this, definitely works well for the image. The chordal material is very cute, pulls no punches. Definitely enjoyable from start to finish, each chord balances out super well. Just...awesome work!

Wassup Thunder - Euro Thunder hits our screen once again. This time opting for fully electronic, with a hint of rock vibes, rather than pure Euro-Rock. I can hear a sense of cohesion in each track you do, based off this, which isn't a bad thing, but it does make it a bit predictable. I think i already know how it sounds from anticipation. But on a good note, i love your adding more synths to the party, it's such a lovely contrast, and really brings it to life. The synth additions really make this such a lovely track to listen to. You've definitely improved this style as i keep listening to your OHC entries. Well done!

Suzumebachi - Nice funky house like vibes. Great tremolo on the organ. Also dig the EDM synths that creep in, great texture shift. Really liking the sidechain too. I will say this, is more of a simpler track, with a lot of elements that could change. The drums are static, not much fills going on, or dynamic changes. And it feels like we are mostly stuck on a sound selection, rather than shifting between sounds. Who knows, some people might like it a lot, and i do love the melodic ideas here, but it just has the potential to be expanded. Good job though!

Misael.K - This image is very pretty/cute, so not surprised there is a lot of cute entrants this week. Really digging the Semi-FM sounds, very retro in sound, but with lots of vibrant colours. Loving the developments here, the pad chords bring a whole depth into the track. I just love the melodies here so much! The first half was awesome. The second half is also really cool, i like the waltz approach. What puts me off the second half, is that it's more sour, and has a hint of darkness to it, which for this image it's a putting. Also at times the piano can get too much in the FF range, causing a bit of sharpness in my ears. I mean i love the whole thing, even the second half is really good, but the first half...oh man i'm gonna reply that, the best part about your composition. Well done!

Arcana - Sick techno vibes. Really like the drums and acid combo, very funky indeed. The vocals are trying to come forward, but ends up being soo quiet, it's practically just a non-existing texture. Surprised for the intense dark intro, it's very uplifting. To be honest it's very mismatched, no clue where it's going. The vocals could be better integrated here. Who knows i love the idea, don't let it discourage you, but it needs polish. Good job!

obScene - You killed it with a cute hot-tub entry, so no surprised you come through with another incredible entry. Maybe i'm just a sucker for major keys, who knows. The strings, the melody and piano's a symphony of heaven, it works amazingly well. Gorgeous piece, just soo fitting and uplifting and, a beautiful array of sounds. U-Ziq is a good comparison here, he makes some very distorted uplifting entrants. Just....awesome work. Almost close at taking down InvisibleObserver, however what makes you second (By a very small margin), is the lack of a bassline, and maybe the beat might be too soft, but these are very small nit-picks (That don't bother me in anyway). Excellent work!

InvisibleObserver - I love the approach here, i need you to explore more genres like this, definitely different from you, and i love it. The drums are excellently compressed, this is another that i would consider a favourite from you. Man you've been killing it lately! The ambience fits amazingly well, and the drums do not push down any of the synths, it just works in harmony. Probably the first time i've given you the 1st spot, best entry you've done in ages! Excellent job!

Ethansight - Shame you didn't get to submit, but this could be a lesson to submit on time. Sometimes i end up loosing track of time, so i forget to upload lol. This is a lovely track, with some seriously funky bubble pop sounds. Great chords too, definitely a huge fan of your harmony. All in all well done!

Top 3 - InvisibleObserver, obScene, DDRKirby(ISQ)

These people deserve to be up there too:


Wassup Thunder

Misael.K (The first half was just...too good)

I'd also add Ethansight, but his was a late submission....

Awesome - cotmm68030, Souperion, Koekepan, DDRKirby(ISQ), Wassup Thunder, Misael.K, obScene, InvisibleObserver, Ethansight.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, Garian, animatrix1490, jontopielski, DarkShadow, Suzumebachi, Arcana.

Jun 17, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Floating By
  2. Your Own Little World
  3. One Last Kiss to Bubble
    Wassup Thunder

DDRKirby(ISQ): excellent melodies!

TheVideoGamer: lovely chords and mood.

WassupThunder: lots of energy.

awesum: cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), InvisibleObserver, obScene, Souperion, Suzumebachi, TheVideoGamer, Wassup Thunder.
good: animatrix1490, Arcana, DarkShadow, Garian, jontopielski, Koekepan, Lyra_183.

Jun 17, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. Pearlescent Transparency
  2. Fragile and fun
  3. Bubbledream

We all float down here.

Jun 17, 2021 Souperion
  1. iridescent reflection
  2. One Last Kiss to Bubble
    Wassup Thunder
  3. Pearlescent Transparency