Spyro - Ancient Grove (MnP133)

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Jun 11, 2022 hleet
  1. Fleeing Sanctuary
  2. Ancient Groove

1) souperion - Fleeting Sanctuary

It's unique. I like the direction that this take.

I can imagine this remix for a town background music 

(you know when you get stuff to buy at the merchant before going to quest xD)

The start of the second part makes me think of a dungeon that you have to go thru.

Really nice remix

2) TVG - Ancien Groove : 6 min ! wow ! 

The genre is interesting. It has the feel of an old video game.

I can picture a scene of a game where characters are into a conversation.

I like it, yes I enjoyed listening to this :)

Good work 

@Wassup Thunder : I'm always impressed by how far you can push the composition to a whole wooping 4 min !

The choir is interesting but I would have go with a shorter "attack" for the choir.

The change of pace, that's your mark on remixes ;), nicely done.

The third part (if I can say like it) : the brass are not very well audible (too low volume).

The tambourin is way too loud and takes too much space, maybe you should try some mixing tricks like 

having the tambourin less "wide spread" and doing some automation of auto-pan left/right in rythm (1/4, 1/16, whatever works best) to give more interest to it.

You can also try another trick that consists of using an EQ dynamics on the tambourin track with a sidechain input in order to cut thru the tambourin.

Anyway, other than that, it's a nice remix, well done

Jun 14, 2022 Souperion
  1. Ancient Groove
  2. Ancient Grove (HLEET Remix)

hleet: Really like the brass, very warm and gentle. The strings for the melody in the second have are nice and expressive. You did a good job of making the piece mystical and thoughtful while keeping some good intensity with the percussion, nice work.

TVG: Mmm, yes, rather groovy indeed. Very nostalgic sounds. It works very well, kinda gives me old cyber punk vibes. I could groove to this for a long while, good job.

Wassup T.: Very nice orchestra work. The first bit is delightfully faithful, and the reprisal is grand. This thing gave me shivers, well done.

Jun 14, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Fleeing Sanctuary
  2. Ancient Grove (HLEET Remix)

I don't know if i have much to say for this round, i was struggling to come up with some words. This might end up being the shortest yet in terms of write up. After thinking, i believe Souperion should get the win, although Hleet's, wasn't far behind.

Hleet - Love how you managed to orchestrate everything, it really makes it stand out and pop. Lovely brass work too, really digging the action packed feel of it all. If i were to critique, it's very static throughout, could do with some dynamic changes, some volume shifts, as well as maybe add some more reverb to make it less mechanical. However though what i heard was lovely, really loving the idea. Well done!

Souperion - Loving the choir in this, it really makes it otherworldly. Almost like were in some fantasy land, it's great. The eastern flavour is a lovely touch. Really brings out the atmosphere to the whole thing. I just love the instrument choices as a whole. If i were to critique it, i would maybe follow along the same advice i gave for Hleet, in terms of adding dynamics to make it less busy. I feel we go too hard on the tribal drums. I'd also add maybe more orchestral instruments for me to fill in some of the gaps, that to me seem missing. Add a bassline, and maybe tone down the levels a little for the flute. Other than that though, lovely ideas, great arrangement, and well...it was enough for you to win. Well done!

Wassup Thunder - Loving the fade in and out, with the sound. Really makes it transform from pure ominous into a large symphonic dream. Choir is a lovely touch, really makes it fitting for a large otherworld event. The string work really gives it a different vibe, i love it. The dynamics are perfect in this one, i really felt the drops in this one. Really all this needs, is just a bit of clean-up. Space out the mix a bit more, so they're not muffled together and add some more human elements to the choir. Besides that though, the idea is awesome, and the string work was lovely. Well done!

Jun 18, 2022 Wassup Thunder
  1. Fleeing Sanctuary
  2. Ancient Groove
  3. Ancient Grove (HLEET Remix)


A really nice, faithful arrangement! The percussion comes out bold and clear. There's a slightly synthetic element to some of the instruments, and it's a pretty pleasing effects. I enjoy the second part's reprisal with strings on the melody. Nice work!


Lovely Asian vibes in this rearrangement. I love the percussion work, the deep and high ends are great. Fantastsic variations on the melody and expanding the song as well. The second half's subtle crescendo is quite beautiful. very nice work on this.


I didn't know I needed to hear this song in 80s funk. But I do now. It's incredibly calming yet groovy. I enjoy how the chords and melody are gently nestled back a bit, letting the percussion take most of the front. I absolutely love your original section, it fits in very well.