BoF2 - God of Decadence (PRC447)


Source: Breath of Fire 2 (SNES) - God of Decadence

'Next source is God of Decadence from Breath of Fire 2. Midi from VGM, the gift that keeps on giving. Choice wise was simple. I went and opened it up to "the people." I told a few folks about what this contest is about, the rules and what they would like to see. After going through some sources that didn't qualify, someone brought up this guy. I don't know what its about, and I can't say I'm a big fan of the song. But I think its really interesting to try and see what you and others can do with something you may or may not be familiar with. Well, then...shall we?"




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Start: on 5/19/22
Deadline: on 6/1/22
Voting: on 6/6/22

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