Ori and the Blind Forest: Title (PRC450)

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Jul 14, 2022 Souperion
  1. ORI and the blind forest - Main Theme (HLEET Remix)
  2. I Made it Uplifting and Emotional
  3. Tiny Light in a Big Forest
    Wassup Thunder

This voting round was tough, you all did great.

Hleet: Delightful rearrangement. I like the extra work on the piano, letting it keep rolling through the whole piece. Has a sweet morose feel to it.

TVG: So sweet and smooth, I may mistake it for chocolate buttercream frosting. Dreamy, content, and serene, perfect to play while enjoying some great end-story resolution. Very free and drifting, cosmic even.

Wassup T.: I like this more chill approach. Sweet yet plucky, some nice twang of character in the instrumentation. Only a little bit surprised by the elec 'tar in the middle XD But I feel like it doesn't detract too much from the more relaxed nature of your piece.

Jul 15, 2022 hleet
  1. Tiny Light in a Big Forest
    Wassup Thunder
  2. I Made it Uplifting and Emotional

1) Wassup Thunder: Maybe it's kind of "pop rock" ? haha.

The main guitar is a bit too loud at the beginning only. 

But I like the clarity of the overwall mix. 

The little guitar solo/riff at the end is interesting, good addition.

That's a nice remix. 

2) @TheVideoGamer: Very cool arrangement.

Nice way of turning the chords into major keys, it gives another color of the composition.

I'm just a little bit disapointed with the Choir Synth that is in my opinion too much in the front.

Maybe try to make the choir synth more automation to gives more space to the other instruments.

Still, good one.

@Souperion - BONUS ENTRY : wow, I like it !

It turned into a japanese song. Well done.

Jul 17, 2022 Wassup Thunder
  1. ORI and the blind forest - Main Theme (HLEET Remix)
  2. I Made it Uplifting and Emotional


Very nice vocal samples, and I loved that piano. The strings are warm and lovely. A very faithful, expressive rearrangment. I loved that glissando at the end too. Nice work!


Ori: Lights Die Twice edition. Sounded very authentic to me! I loved the flowing rise and falls in the composition, the build ups that gave way to more gentle emotion. It carries a vibe of stern, grim resolve lighted by some soft rays of hope. Very beautiful.


I love this key sig change! Very serene and surreal, like a happy day dream. Gives me such nice vibes, perhaps a credits roll. The choir and string pads are so warm and heavenly. Fantastic work!

Jul 18, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. ORI and the blind forest - Main Theme (HLEET Remix)
  2. Tiny Light in a Big Forest
    Wassup Thunder

After much thinking i think Hleet should get the win. From the top yes?

Hleet - Nice strings and piano, really captures the emotion of the piece. I also like how there is a hint of the original choir in there, even if it's not as noticeable as the original. I really like the mix as well, everything is in place nicely, and nothing sticks out in a really loud way. Now the second half is just unfortunately a copy and paste of the first, and again i would have like the main melody to be a tad bit louder, however it was a lovely arrangement, and it works super well. Well done!

Souperion - Really liking the more eastern approach to this, really gives me that Japanese samurai flavour. Not something i was expecting, but wow it works so well. It makes Ori and the Blind Forest more of a otherworldly game, than a beautiful adventure. Now in this one, the melody isn't as defined, and is made more of a background/embellishment. Now that's a good and a bad thing for me, as the lack of a defined melody could really add some impact to the whole piece. I mean they're melodies in this, but they are switched between random instruments. Another thing if i were to critique it, is that the taiko drums could be a tad better mixed in my opinion, sometimes they're a little too crispy for the mix. However this idea was different, and plays to your producing strengths. A lovely arrangement, well done!

Wassup Thunder - Less intensity eh? I like the sounds of the piano in this, and the drum work is very much a Wassup Thunder styled drum work. Interesting to go for a guitar as the main melody, it kind of makes it almost like a country/western song. The melodies also lend well to this production style. Personally you went a little too harsh on the high end, the guitar can be a tad piercing. Also i don't seem to understand why you went for a guitar as the lead instrument, but i do like the electric guitar more than the clean guitar in the beginning. There's a lot of cool ideas here, even if it's energetic. Mixing is also great here, minus a few titbits. It is less intense than normal, but i'm personally not too bothered by it. Honestly this one was great, lovely arrangement, well done!