Ape Escape - Coral Cave (PS1) (PRC429)

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Jul 10, 2021 Wassup Thunder

  1. Coral Calamity
  2. Cave Explorer

Insert monkey jokes here!

TheVodouQueen gets my first vote. The story told through this amazingly clever and artistic audio drama song is entertaining and captivating! Simplicity unfolds beautifully in your smooth rendition of coral cave, and DANG redial fit right in. This felt equal parts ASMR, online tutorial, musical massage, and Bob Ross if he did musical tutorials. Your vision for this piece created something stunning.

Souperion gets my second vote. The reinterpretation of the song as something violent and intense is surprising and oddly satisfying. This kind of change up is a great style of remixing. The rhythm guitars sounded a smidge off, I'm not sure exactly why. Perhaps reverb or something. The second half, returning to the key signature of the original, is kinda surprising, yet refreshing. Nice work.

Marcusg gets my third vote. I really like what you had started here, excellent beats and rhythm. There's a sense of well managed space in the piece, letting the high piano stand out yet in harmony with the mad dancing percussion. Seeing you in action twice now when you ran outta time, I can't wait to hear your work when your not rushed! Great work.

And TVG, you tore up this song in your excellent personal style. The darker section was an excellent deviation that shook up the composition. Very well done!

Jul 11, 2021 Souperion
  1. Reef Meditation with Monkeys
    Wassup Thunder

  2. Cave Explorer

Wassup T: I liked the pace of the progress of the thing. Excellent atmosphere, like one is traversing a great, scintillating cave.

marcusg: Not bad at all for a rush job! Real smooth and nice.

TVQ: I didn't expect to get music ed in the competition. Expanded horizons! Nice work.

TheVideoGamer: Right up your alley here. Smooth and happening, it just keeps going.

Jul 12, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Cave Explorer
  2. Coral Calamity

Ok last minute voting, because i forgot lol. Must remember to vote! I'll do more detailed votes later if i need to, but for now here's a summery.

Souperion - Very dark and cinematic. Really like the approach. Also like the switch-up at the end, when it becomes bright and more calming. Like a journey through the final boss. The ending is amazing, and definately the coral cave i know and love. I feel there is a few mixing touches that could spice things up, especially since it feels very clustered.

Wassup Thunder - Very nice also, love how you stayed truth to the source. Very static personally, needs dynamic changes but like what you've done.

Marcusg - Love this one, definately great use of simplicity. Drums were amazing.

TheVodouQueen - Too much Redial for me sorry, feels like a remix of that, and not so much Coral Cave, sorry. Love the sound selection, great grooves.