Bomberman Hero - Redial (PRC423)


Source: Bomberman Hero OST (N64)

Composer(s): June Chikuma

Song: "Redial"



*Stretches* "After such a huge, complex, fairly serious tone presented in PRC 421, and the more somber take of PRC 422, I wanted to do something more...upbeat, a bit simplistic, but glorious and catchy to hear nonetheless. I had SO MANY choices going around in my head, though! Should I pick something from Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon? Or Shinobi III? Strider 2? Quest 64? Mischief Makers? Be a bit hammy (since it's nearly Valentine's Day) and do, like, "Candy's Music Shop" theme from Donkey Kong 64? The list was endless--but after having a lie back and listening to a certain OST, (and the remix of "Zip", one of my fave Bomberman songs on OCR,) my mind kept coming back to this--and I had to do it. I also saw that Super Bomberman was used a few times in PRC (and in MnP, Bomberman 64's "Green Gardens" theme was used as well), but was sad to see there was only the one OCR remix for Bomberman Hero and none anywhere else!

This priceless, underrated little gem of a 64 game / song needs some love, I believe. So let's put our thinking caps on, ladies and gents, and do something cool with the stylish Drum 'n Bass takings of 'Redial'.

Also, if someone can do up or find a way better MIDI source than this one, please say (the one I found is a bit lacking and weird to me, lol.)"

~ TVQ :D

Source MIDI Link:




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