Zork 1 - Track 8 (PRC425)


Source: Zork 1 - The Great Underground Empire (PlayStation 1) - Track 8

"This one is a little more obscure, but one that cannot be missed, because the music is incredible unique, and definitely worth your time in the remix department.

This one comes from a little known PlayStation game called Zork 1 - The Great Underground Empire. Now the title isn't new, because you see, this is a full remake of a classic 1980's game of the same name (1980 to be exact). It's a text adventure game, complete with a very immersive historical like storylines to really keep you going. In the original, you basically had a wall of text that would appear everytime you do an action. So like a textbook kind of adventure game (Remember this is primitive software, so graphical content was almost non-existent). And that would continue until subsequent remakes would add new technological advancements. (In the Atari days, we would mostly have single square tones to denote an action. By the NES days, square waves could produce simple music, and by the Genesis/Mega Drives days, FM Synthesis and it's capabilities, meant we could make full tracks, with a variety of instruments.) In this remake's case, we are on the PlayStation 1, so we could do full graphical capabilities for it's time, and of course full CD music. The game itself is very simplistic but fun, however what get's overlooked is the new score provided onto the PS1, which i think needs to be looked at, it's awesome. The music was composed by the only and only Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima, who might be legends to some, and uses in what i would call a Synth Orchestra. In this track specifically (Which is titled Track 8. I believe none of the tracks have names, I find that rather annoying to be honest), we have all the makings of rich melodic ideas, that sound like it could come right out of some medieval castle, but instead of it being lush orchestral strings and brass, the kind you expect for that kind of feeling, we have a full synthesizer palette. It's so rich in synths, that it sounds very much on the verge of being a rave track, but it's in 3/4, and features no drums of any kind, just light percussive taps on the tambourine, so it lends more to the classical music world. Honestly the track is unique, and could work in so many styles (Trance anyone? lol), hope you have fun with this!

NOTE: The video linked is the Sega Saturn version, because it was ported to both the PS1 and the Saturn. Both versions contain the same music. This is a Japanese only release, no US version is based on research, so this one is a little more rare.

ALSO NOTE: There is an extensive use of delay throughout the whole track. I didn't add that into the MIDI, because i wanted peeps to have an easy time with the MIDI, even if it's in the score. So you might need to manually add it in, if you wanted more of a 1:1 kind of approach."

Game: Zork 1 - The Great Underground Empire (PlayStation 1)

Source: Track 8 (None of the tracks have names sadly)

As usual, here's the video:

And my own custom MIDI:


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