Space Megaforce - Area 4 (PRC453)


Source: Space Megaforce - Black Hole Anomalis (SNES)

"Hi Bundeslang

here is my pick for the contest PRC453 : 

Console : Super Nintendo

Game name : Space Megaforce (aka Super Aleste)

Song name : Black Hole Anomalies (Area 4)

youtube link to listen to the music track :

Yup, another shoot them up :D

I really liked this game back then, I played it like a lot ! ^^

This game has a lot of good soundtracks on it ! They really worth to listen all of them.

"Area 4" has that kind of "HOUSE" vibe, looking forward for what you will come up with this remix.

I would like to thanks TheVideoGamer that helped me figure out how to make good midi files.

Now I'm confident enough to tackle the transcription of this source :)

The process transcription : I used the program vgmtrans (free) for SPC to midi extraction and had to do also some more modifications on the midi files to make it right.

Have fun everyone ;)




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Start: on 8/23/22
Deadline: on 9/9/22
Voting: on 9/12/22

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