Vatlva - Happy Hardcore (PRC411)


Source - Vatlva - Background Music 13 (Happy Hardcore)


"Let's try for something different. For this one, i'm going to not only send you a MIDI, but also most of the samples featured (It's mostly a sampled based composition)

The game name is called Vatlva and the track name is called Happy Hardcore (It's actually listed as BGM13 because there isn't a title, but it's unofficially named Happy Hardcore, because of the style of music it's playing) I picked this, because i wanted to see how people would fare in sample arranging, but also honestly, this source is heavily underrated. Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima are just...well gods. 


What i'm going to send you, is a ZIP file of majority of the samples featured (Not all, because i couldn't find them all, and also because you might end up using some of your own). I will also send the full MIDI, including the Piano Line, Synths and Drum lines, as well as the original source link. (The samples are unedited, but i assume you have the creativity to do something with them. The only sample that's different is the let's go. I can't seem to find the original source of that. Oh well, good enough right?)


Good Luck, this one should be interesting!

Here is the video:


My own custom MIDI:


And the samples, which is listed as an attachment. No doubt Bundeslang will have a place to store them (uploaded to ThaSauce)."




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