Oh hey there

posted in PRC448 on Jun 07, 2022

Thought I'd get back to business a little bit, I'll come and go sometimes.

Had fun, but I'm not quite fond of what I made with it, it feels a bit rushed.

Sounded good to me so, meh?

Starlight Highway (AxLR Remix)

posted in PRC386 on Jan 06, 2019
Welp, Contra ain't my cup of tea, I couldn't get anything satisfying enough with it so I'm glad the second source is here to back me up.
I don't know this game but I'll definitly check it out because with chord progressions like that, this game might be the hidden holy grail of N64 games.
I liked this chords so much I made a 4:34 music from them. So yeah, that might be a LITTLE bit repetitive.
But hey, you gotta admit that I nailed those drums.
(It's 3:29 am as I'm writing now, I'm sure that when I'll go check tomorrow this will sound like garbage so let me live my dream rn)

Enjoy !

Mystic Mansion ( AxLR Remix)

posted in PRC382 on Oct 30, 2018
Thought that progressive might do the work for this kind of music. Since the original source was already rich, I basically got the music to be as minimalistic as possible to increase the tension.
Plus breaks and solos ruined the mood in my opinion so I kept it... Mystic. :V
Enjoy ;)

More Than Trap

posted in PRC378 on Aug 10, 2018
Yup, 't's a trap.
Had fun sampling the original source. Didn't feel like any instrument would give a better feeling of the music than the original.
Oh and I'm back btw.

Drum Test

posted in PRC372 on May 06, 2018
Was trying some drum machines. Thought I'd get something out of it.
I'm certainly not proud of what I've done.

[Bonus Entry] Trapsoul'i

posted in PRC370 on Mar 30, 2018
Here's my bonus entry for this round.
Please don't vote for it.

I tried Trap to see what I could get from it, turns out it's quite good.
I personally prefer the original style but it's still quite good.
First time nailing DnB, and chiptune ads to the flavour.
The source was really great for that and the result is quite satisfying. Of course the track is made so that it can loop and still fit in the game.

I litteraly lost days trying to find that GB Drums sample pack I made years ago.

EDIT : I don't see the player when I upload this music so I guess you'll have to click on download if it's the same for you.

Softmoon Caverns

posted in PRC367 on Feb 07, 2018
I wanted to give a chill vibe to this music, I always thought it was too energetic for it's context.
Had fun playing with sounds and percussions.
V2 : I softened my kick, it sounds better now.

Last Mountains

posted in PRC366 on Jan 31, 2018
Second entry by AxLR
Since it's possible to leave multiple entries, I had some ideas that came to my mind while remixing "Last Surprise".
And I've picked one of the goofiest, yet the best Idea that literally stuck into my mind so much I couldn't concentrate until I got it done.

Here it is : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I0ioRx99h6vMrNZBpmweoH8opDInK67e/view?usp=sharing
As you can hear, It's a mashup between "Last Surprise" and "Rockin' in the Mountains", from Rayman's OST.
I honestly did not much to each song, just tried to blend Rayman's awesome instrumental and Persona's awesome vocals.
I did fail to get my tracks Equalised properly so I'm sorry in advance for some minor issues.
Though I managed to make it sound exactly like how it came into my mind so I'm satisfied as it is.

Portal to Open Grounds

posted in PRC365 on Jan 17, 2018
On Radical Dreamers' YouTube video, "Le Trésor Interdit" is the French for "The Forbidden Treasure" .
You're welcome.

Besides, I think i've got an idea on how to Remix it, I'll see if it fits well. Count me in !

EDIT : Here's my entry for this round, I just reorchestrated "Portal To Open Grounds", I didn't felt like adding to this music will do good so I simply tried to figure out the context and re-take it so that it would still fit in the game.
The MIDI source was soooooooooooo helpful.
(I tried to register on ThaSauce but i still haven't recieved the e-mail to validate my account so I'm dumping it on the thread, hoping it won't cause trouble.)


Hope you'll like it!
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