Contra H. Corps + Snowboard Kid (PRC386)

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Jan 23, 2019 TheVideoGamer
  1. Starlight Highway (Blake Ingram Remix)
  2. Battle at the Highway
  3. Lance DuBois' Snowy Holiday
Wow, this is the most entries I've seen in a PRC competition, and this excludes free rounds.

Well done guys, you all had some really cool ideas! If i had to pick, BlakeIngram gets my vote as the top spot! Let's start from the top!

AxLR - Great remix. You showcased your signature style well, and the choice of saw waves add a nice punch. Drums are nicely compressed pumped with sidechain, and really work in the mix. As a whole it's really well balanced. Sadly though, it has problems. First off, your setting up a 4 minute and 30 second track here, and like you stated, it's repetitive. (You shouldn't really put yourself down like that, you are really good at producing this genre of music). Repetition is good, and can work wonders, but for this length of a track, it isn't well justified. Honestly i would have suggested adding in more elements from the original track, or even some additional elements of your own, as this really does sound like the basis of a perfect remix. The last real flaw i have is a slight dynamic issue, mainly the hi-hat. It's a good sound, but i wasn't getting into it, and felt it was eating a bit of the drums, but really this one is more of a nitpick. As a whole though, this is very well produced, and could be one step from a perfect mix. It's a shame you didn't get anything out of Contra, as i could have awarded you bonus points. It's extremely rare i get to see multiple sources in one mix, from this competition. Oh well, i still enjoyed it.

Dudley-Ghost - Very well produced mix Dudley. I'm a huge fan of your synths, and they create a perfect dramatic atmosphere. Nice drum choices, creating a rather interesting breakbeat combo. I really enjoyed how you switched into different styles each minute you progressed, expanding on the breakbeats, when you brought in the solo from Contra, before you switched to more techno when you brought in the Snowbard Kids sample. At this point as well, is the change in sounds. We no longer have the squelchy bass sounds, and instead lean towards brooding saws, and square wave melodies, all while retaining a sense of cohesion. Towards the end, you bring the listener back into to full circle, as a great way to finish your track. Overall, you really interpreted this as your own, and it shines. I managed to hear and recognise both sources, without it being lost within your own creative spark. Sadly despite that, i had a few problems. To be honest it was mainly in the mixing that i found a problem with. There was a lot of sounds, and at points, the lead synth sounds took over a chunk of the elements. It's mostly at the beginning, even if the middle section was a dangerously close from passing the threshold. A chunk of sounds were fighting for the front, so it was sometimes to hard to listen to the drums, when the melody is in your face. Ignoring all the small flaws, this is still a perfect remix, with some incredible variation. Bonus points for remixing both Sources. I'm impressed you did.

Bundeslang - Nicely produced, has a lot of elements that stand out, and makes it different in every aspect. Unlike the others which tended to go for a slower tempo, you kept the vibe of what Contra was going for, and i praise you for that. It allows for something more interesting as a whole. Really nice drum work here, it has a rather heavy, but punchy quality, and combine with the claps it helps adds to the intensity. The synth choices are also very well done. The arps are the highlight as they really add something to the track. The aggressive bass sounds are also good too, despite it being a little rough around the edges. Interesting way you presented it. As we seem to integrate the melodies of Snowboard Kids with the Harmonic content of Contra. It's interesting because it's a unique approach to arranging. Even though i really enjoyed your mix, i unfortunately found some flaws that i didn't get into. Straight away, the mix was the big one. It is extremely uneven around the edges. At times you have cranked it really high, so we get this giant pit of loud and unearthing sound (Particularly when the Solo part from the original track comes in). The drums could have been beefed up a bit, to match the rather loud synth sounds. They felt like they were lost in the background. In terms of the choice of sounds, i had no problems with it, as mainly it was the dynamic balance and the mixing that struck me. Regardless you have done a awesome job on the remix, with some lovely elements. Additional points from me, for remixing both sources. I don't often see that in PRC.

BlakeIngram - This one is the winner for me, largely because first off, it uses a large amount of interesting and creative techniques. I really enjoyed the bass on this one, and gives a rather aggressive texture, but when the saw synth comes in, it takes away the aggression for some serious funk textures. It's not as funky, as what you would find in say, a Chic track. But it does have a lot of rhythmic density, for really interesting textures. The big reason i picked this one, is because everything was mixed perfectly throughout. Nothing was amplified or deliberately designed for attention. I heard everything blend in. Also i really enjoyed your drums, they were great. The only problem, and despite the fact your my choice to win, it might help in the future. The overall structure and sound, was similar to AxLR in that it was a little bit on the repetitive side. Of course you switch it up at the end, so i commend you for that, but the first half goes on for a little bit too much. Ignoring that, though your mix is well produced and perfectly balanced.

PlanarianHugger - Great pads and synth textures. It almost makes it feel more atmospheric, despite the intense nature of your composition. To begin with, the one thing that struck out, was your interpretation. Instead of focusing on the aspect of remix, you decided to go with the aspect of originality. This is great, because your skills in creativity shines, and your not heavily reliant on the source material to produce great music. Your choice of lead synth sounds are really great too, providing a well versed and fleshed out melody. All in all, good job. There are somethings that i don't really like. First off, the drums were making a statement, but they were last in the queue. They really need beefing up, or better yet, replacing entirely. I think this composition could have worked more as ambient music, than intense synthesis. Speaking of synthesis, the mix is very amplified. A lot of the elements were really pushing out to the front, so it's the case of some sounds being blocked by others, and the more important sounds being pushed to the back for the less important sounds. The middle section is where things really get rough. The intro and ending are not so bad, and don't pile things up with layers. Take what ive said though with a grain of salt. I'm not here to moan about the negatives, as this is really a well constructed remix. Bonus points for using both sources, but i will admit it took me a few listens before i actually found elements of both sources. I guess it was more originality over, staying grounded into the source. Still though good job!

A bit detailed, i know, but sometimes things help. Don't take this too harshly though, you guys all did great! Well done everyone!
Jan 24, 2019 AxLR
  1. Starlight Highway (Blake Ingram Remix)
  2. Lance DuBois' Snowy Holiday
  3. Battle at the Highway
Oh yeah, this round is particularly epic. Though, I must say that The Video Gamer and Mr. L put together a tricky task for us this time. Contra and Snowboard Kids were quite opposite in terms of composition, rythm, tone, melody... So yeah, it was quite hard to put both sources together.

I really liked The Video Gamer's take on Zephyr. You quite catched the spirit of the source. Even though I'd like to complain on your lead, bells weren't quite the instrument to use, it's quite the little thing that could have let it be good.
But I really like that techno vibe.

I give this round to Blake Ingram. This is professional grade remix there. Mastering is perfect, composition is really well made, good job making it slower, that's the thing that add that little spice. If I'd had a little thing to say, I'd have added a slight vibrato to your chords during the break to add tension. But it's really nothing. Great work for a first one, I'm waiting for you on next round !

Dudley Ghost, Your take was quite interesting, but unfortunately, your chords don't add up quite well. The begining made me thing of Goldeneye 64, but as soon as the lead takes on, harmony leaves. Aside from that there are some good ideas, really good ideas and that was interesting to hear.

Bundeslang, Your remix is quite an exemple of why both sources can't add up well. Zephyr has been composed like a techno song, with little to no musical elements, just rythmic elements. Chords, and leads are there just to put an emphasis on rythm, where Starlight Highway is the exact opposite. Even though you blended elements from both sources quite well, It doesn't fits well because of that exact reason. And that's really sad, Had you used only Zephyr, you'd have ranked way higher, I think.

PlanarianHugger, Your remix is actually the one that has the best compromise in terms of melody. But mastering is not there at all, Your drums are too silent and your instruments clash with each other, making it hard to figure out what's going on on first listening. With more balanced levels, You'd have nailed that round.

Now I don't mean that it was useless to work with both sources, I am quite impressed at what made contestants with both sources and I didn't because I couldn't come up with something good using them, but I think that the reason that Blake Ingram is first in my opinion, is because he privileged getting the remix of one source to be maxxed out in terms of technique, mastering and composition, instead of trying to blend both sources, and come up with something that lacks in terms of pure technique.
That's where I'll say it again, had he bettered his mastering, PlanarianHugger would have won. He found the way to go with both sources, and that's too bad.

As for myself? Well I didn't work with both sources, neither did I work my remix properly. I do deserve last place for that though.
Jan 25, 2019 bundeslang
  1. Starlight Highway (Blake Ingram Remix)
  2. Lance DuBois' Snowy Holiday
  3. Starlight Highway (AxLR Remix)
AxLR - Nice style, as you say it's a bit repetitive but I agree that the chords are working well with this source. Also enjoyed the last part of this song.
Blakeingram - You are a newcomer for PRC, but I'm sure you're making music for a longer time, there's a lot going on in this song. Excellent work, slowing it down really paid off well!!
Dudley Ghost - I like how you used the sources, the introduction is nice and I also liked how you connected it to the Snowboard Kids source and back to the Contra at the end.
PlanarianHugger - Interesting combination between the originallity and the sources, at some points it's a bit messy but overal a nice mix.
TheVideoGamer - Very nice drumwork, there's a lot of variation with these. It's making this song catchy. The last part is also an excellent choice, great ending.
Bundeslang - ....