One Hour Compo - Round 274 (OHC274)

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Jan 09, 2014 evktalo
  1. While We Were Gone
  2. Lights in the Distance
  3. First Steps
I would have liked to vote a top 7 or so? It's crazy what people here can do in an hour.
Jan 09, 2014 Beatdrop
  1. No Wind
  2. Earthlight Encounter
  3. Moonguy
    General Mumble
Trancient's entry just blew my fucking mind clear out of my ass with its amazingness.

Forty-Two's needs no explanation: it's like definitive space stuff. Nicely composed.

General Mumble's is the rocking one out of the three, with its System Shock 2 meets Doom vibes going on. And that BASS!
Jan 09, 2014 DucksUnlimited
  1. First Steps
  2. we are not alone
  3. Don't Give Mister Moon Man a Keyboard
wow, everyone
Jan 09, 2014 Arcana
  2. Moonguy
    General Mumble
  3. discovery
    Shadow Psyclone
Oh man this was a really hard round to decide on.

DDRKirby: I decided this would get first because of the story it told. Lots of dramatic moments and development throughout, as well as the ambient feel (the percussion was really good). MechWarrior II nostalgia helps.

General Mumble: This one had great production and flow. Catchy and loud, amazing.

Shadow Psyclone: For the Sample and Hold ambience.

Honorable mentions (in no particular order, there are a LOT this week):

MisaelK, Darkshadow, Beatdrop, Zedd, johnfn, Atmospherium, Transcient, obScene, A-zu-ra, abi, Forty-Two, Tompaella, ProjektZero, blastron, evktalo, Hollow


CJtheMusicDude, Ducks, Brandon
Jan 09, 2014 johnfn
  2. While We Were Gone
  3. Lights in the Distance
People I missed because I'm a slacker:

Zedd I liked it. Dat edm feel. My only complaint was that the kick was so loud that it was actually quite difficult to listen to the track at a normal volume.
Dyne lolz ok then.
abi I really like the reversed samples and how it gets prolonged towards the end. That was a neat idea.
beatdrop that is some really excellent sound design. had an eerie feel to it, excellent!
Shael_Riley best description ever. And I really enjoy the fade in/out pad like things. Good work.
Tomapella good oldskool vibes and good chords.
Hollow pretty neat, sounds like some sort of demented march to the underworld or something like that. :D
General Mumble dat unexpected drop is just amazing. well done. and then that switch at 2:05 is REALLY nice, I wish you would have repeated it more, but it's great anyways.

I think I was in chat for the rest.



A-zu-ra: excellent all around. Probably would have been first place if it was longer ;.;
Trancient: PIANO IMPROV HAXING. It's really good. The one thing I would suggest you to do next time though is to find some sort of main theme. It's not necessary but it gives the piece some coherence.
DDRKirby(ISQ): I was grinning the whole time. It's really refreshing to hear one of the old skool long form ddrkirby entries. Tasteful use of glitch on practically everything. That one melody in the middle is incredible but YOURE SUCH A TEASE for not ever bringing it back!
plastron: I mean sure, it's a little blastrony, but there's nothing wrong with that.
General Mumble I already wrote stuff about your track up there. I really liked it.


Ducks & D-Lux

Jan 12, 2014 Shadow Psyclone
  1. we are not alone
  2. Moon Unit
  3. Sulvan
johnfn- beautiful beautiful use of FM here, the melodies are wonderful, and nice use of vibrato that isn't totally gratuitous like how I tend to use it

Shael- THAT BASS. Some elements of this also remind me of Perfect Dark and that is never a bad thing

Atmospherium- this minimalist, dissonant, kind of unstructured take on the theme could induce a night terror, you bastard

honorable mention to...everyone, too damn hard to arrive at a top 3 for this week. space themes are too gud
Jan 16, 2014 Misael.K
  1. Don't Give Mister Moon Man a Keyboard
  2. Apollo X
  3. No Wind
This was one of those weeks. You all did some great stuff, kudos to all!

obScene: this is perfect. (but you need better titles :P)

Zedd: I love this. Reminds me a lot of BT.

Trancient: damn you and your magnificent piano skills!

What I liked a lot:
A-zu-ra; Atmospherium; Beatdrop; blastron; CJthemusicdude; DucksUnlimited; johnfn; obScene; ProjektZero; Shael_Riley; Tomapella; Trancient; Zedd.

What I also liked:
abi; Arcana; BrandonS; DarkShadow; DDRKirby(ISQ); evktalo; Forty-Two; Halt; Hollow; Shadow Psyclone.