Treasure of Usas - Stage 5 (PRC279)


Treasure of Usas - Mohenjo Daro (Stage 5)

"Somehow I can't stop submitting track suggestions from my MSX youth. This time I picked the Konami platformer "Treasure of Usas", the Mohenjo Daro (stage 5) song. Great game and it was my first cartridge game too


Hope it inspires people to create something cool with it!"

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RESULTS (Note that scores below are not correct):

Bundeslang wins the last place wooden spoon with 10 points.
Gercr was close to get second place, but ends with 13 points, bringing him third place.
Sir Nuts collected 14 points, and the second place.

And the winner of PRC278 is Evktalo with 17 points.



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Start: on 9/3/14
Deadline: on 9/17/14
Voting: on 9/19/14

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