Legend of Dragoon - Rose Theme (PRC339)

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Jan 11, 2017 hoboka
  1. Rose's Theme
  2. Rose is Super Stoned
  3. On My Own
    Dewey Newt
1) GCJ - the production is kinda stiff - like much of my own music - and it's about 1.4 dB too loud imo - but I LOVE the creativity here. The 0:55 transition/downbeat was what sealed the deal for me - especially when it hits 1:22. MAAAAANNNNN - it made me cream my man-panties like a 12 yr old lol!!

2) Popoi - the best produced remix imo - very solid and lots of transmutation and kick ass sci beat and warpy synths...forgot my synth terminology haha. It's just super killer.

3) Dewey Nute - great pitch bending and quite emotive, I enjoyed it a lot!

4) supercoolmike - This is some crazy reinterpretation, cool production - I kinda miss the sad mood that was in the source. The unfinished factor leaves me a bit excited to see what you've got cooked up for "Blooming Rose" - especially since it says "Intrumental" - who or what's gonna sing for ya? So stoked to hear the final thang!!
Jan 12, 2017 bundeslang
  1. Rose is Super Stoned
  2. Rose's Theme
  3. On My Own
    Dewey Newt
Supercoolmike - It's slow, but I like the feeling of it. Really enjoyed the stuff on the background.
Dewey Newt - Another slow mix, it seems to work well with this source. I liked the part around 1:50.
GCJ - Funny style, I like it. There's some good variation between the different styles which I liked a lot.
Popoi - You went for a long version. I liked those dark strings in the background, at some parts the song is really relaxing, especially around 2:00. I enjoyed the drum speed up after 3 mins. This song has lots of variation.
HoboKa - Another slow arrangement of the source, it really works well with this source. I can imagine this playing in a game, it's so relaxing.

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2.Dewey Newt


This was a tough decision! I enjoyed Popoi's the best because of it's variety and atmosphere even though some parts went on a bit too long. I enjoyed 2 & 3 almost the same but supercoolmike's remix got repetitive too quickly for my taste - it might have switched places if he had added those lyrics he said he planned on.

EDIT: Vote by Dewey Newt (scores added manually)

Finally got a chance to listen to the entries this week! Here is my vote with comments:

Popoi - Title definitely fits for your mix lol. Really like all the ideas you had here, and your execution. All your ideas flow together smoothly and naturally feed into one another.
supercoolmike - Really like the Rhodes piano you used for the chords. Gives it an almost FF8 feel to it at the beginning and really brings out the tension in those chords
GCJ - Doesn't mesh too well. Intro sets up slow/chords/pads type feel, then main lead comes in with a rave feel, slowdown back to chords/pads, and then back to rave. Maybe I'm missing the point, but those changes were too sudden for me. Really dig the slow section starting around 1:21 as a standalone, though.
Hoboka - Pretty conservative mix here. Some instrument changes from the original would help add some new sound textures. The addition of the choir was great.
Jan 14, 2017 Popoi
  1. Rose's Theme
  2. On My Own
    Dewey Newt
  3. Blooming Roses (Instrumental)
Reasoning provided in PM. Just wanted to try using this platform.

The PM


1: GCJ

I really like his interpretation a much more aggressive take, a big festival remix

2: Dewey Newt

Soft and somber much like the original, however that vibrating synth he has in there hits me in the nostalgia strings big time.

3: supercoolmike

One of the cleaner sounding remixes, I feel like snoop dog would blaze to this.

I wish we had more entries
Jan 16, 2017 supercoolmike
  1. On My Own
    Dewey Newt
  2. Rose is Super Stoned
  3. Rose's Theme
Dewey Newt - very chill to listen to. when the second half comes in, I'm just immersed in it and lose myself (in the good kind of way).

GCJ - cool way to try to make the track get you pumped, but they're some instruments used like that one synth that overpowers everything else. it might just be me though.

Popoi - interesting choices you made here. The ambiance gets altered a lot but it also doesn't hinder its feel without anything too jarring. GJ