Psycho Pinball - Trick or Treat (MnP43)

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Oct 29, 2015 hoboka
  1. Aliens attack your Pinball!

Chalis - Nice, very MnP Chalis. Pretty swag cover. The snare sample could've been swapped for something more punchy methinks. Other then that the remix does what it sets out to do with flying colors.

Trism - Now this is energetic and grood production. I REALLY love the vocals LOL - They actually helped retain the original's energy and mood perfectly! This is dope hahaha. If you were participating you'd definitely win rofl. You did the Mix, monster Remix. So %@&ing catchy. Be quiet Trism you impetuous young boy - NAY I say - SING SOME MOOOORE.

Supercoolmike - Oh yeaaaah 80's time baby. Like the wobbly synth - coulda been made louder, actually the whole mix coulda used a 1.4 dB boost. But all of the instruments are mixed well and everything is easily heard. Production is not too shabby too. And this is defo MnP.
Oct 29, 2015 Trism
  1. Spooky Pinballz
  2. Aliens attack your Pinball!

Hobo - Excellent high energy take on the source. Love the percussion!
Chalis - It's a little on the quiet side but I like your choice of sounds. Nice ethereal feel :)
SuperDuperCoolMike - I can see why you put this through as a bonus! Nice use of samples and sounds there dude!
Trism - Jesus man why would you submit something like that for people to actually listen to?? Stick to death metal growls next time!