Burning Force - Grass Land (PRC381)

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Oct 19, 2018 bundeslang
  1. Feel the Force Inbetween the Grass
  2. Car, sun, and klonopin
    Dudley Ghost
  3. World of Grass [Bonus Mix]
Three songs with a for PRC terms long songlength.
Dudley Ghost - A 'dark' take on the source. There's much stuff in this song what all sounds good together.
TheVideoGamer - Liked the synths a lot. Liked the usage of the source with the new sections, they all work well together with the strings in the background.
Normallyretro - Thanks for the bonus. It's an unusual style but it really seems to work with this source. The part around 2:15 changes too radically but I like the part after that.
Oct 21, 2018 hoboka
  1. Car, sun, and klonopin
    Dudley Ghost
  2. Feel the Force Inbetween the Grass

In the context of PRC, I think Dudley Ghost hit it closer: cool interpretation and some cool production touches, plus I'm a sucker for ambient big-beat style EDM lol. Normally Retro, I would vote 2nd if wasn't a BONUS - nicely done. The VideoGamer's take is a nice 16-32-bit-ish vibe and some expansion...needed a bit more to hold my attention though. All around, all 3 tracks are quite nice in their respective intent. Nice work guys. Maybe I'll see you next mission eh? Also...consider participating in MnP pweeeeeez. Suffering a bit of a dry spell T_T