Triple Entry!! (MnP101)


Since we have 3 sources, they will be found in the OCR Forum post. C.TH only allows for 2 MIDIS.

"Right here we go! I know winter was about a month ago, but i really dig the RCT2 soundtrack, which is very simple in design, but very effective. This is The Last Sleigh Ride, also known as the snow theme. It's a nice cute tune, that shouldn't be too difficult, give enough for interpretation and still sound beautiful." - TheVideoGamer

"Ok, had to go through a few picks that have no MIDIs available for them. Unfortunately I have no idea how to create general MIDI files in Reaper so I'm limited to songs people have already transcribed. Finally settled on this one - Mega Man X - Launch Octopus. I've always thought it was a rockin' track since I played MMX as a kid." - Argle

"So with more people selecting a source for the next round, I'm selecting the following:
Godzilla (NES) - Pluto stage. 
Midi is not that easy, but if it's too difficult people can just decide to remix the sources selected by the others.
Depending on the other sources, I may try to post a bonus mix of this source or a combination from all sources, if time lets"


You will have 1 hour to complete your song and 10 minutes to finish it up. You will then have an additional 10 minutes to upload your song. At 6 PST/9 EST you may begin your mixing, please have your files uploaded by 7:20 PST/10:20 EST. Join us for discussion on Discord!

Start: on 3/15/19
Deadline: on 4/26/19
Voting: on 4/26/19

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