Triple Entry!! (MnP101)

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Apr 21, 2019 TheVideoGamer
  1. Okuto - Live from Radio City Music Hall
  2. On A Far Away Fake Planet [Bonus Mix]

Seriously, Kat had me fooled then. it was so realistic i couldn't tell if he used samplers or actually did it live. Seriously whatever it was, it was so damn realistic and so cool, that i picked him to win. Bundeslang though, you did a great job.

Bundeslang - Love the drums and certainly love the lead synth melody. It has a funk feel, despite it not being used for funk. These 2 aspects really made something for the composition. Bass was also really good and locked into the drums. The rest however i wasn't a fan. The saw harmony, got a bit overpowering, and some of the mixing was a bit off. The drums were in the back, largely because the saw went into the mix. Ending was a bit abrupt, but i'm not gonna worry about that too much, because it can happen to me. Although there is some slight mixing issues, the remix itself is great. Don't let the negatives get you down, you did a good job.

Kat - Like i said, this is wholly realistic. I really want to know if you actually did this live, because it sounds so convincing. The only thing that might have struck me, is the drums, but again it might be a mixing technicality, so i can't assume it's fake. Point being this is a great cover, with great guitars, and a nice live feel, if it is live. I mean Radio City Music Hall is a bit prestigious, so you might have to be well established, and famous to get a chance to perform. To simplify i really can't tell if it's real. Look the cover was realistic that's why i picked you to win.