Winter's End

posted in MnP120 on Dec 20, 2020

After a harsh winter, the sun rises above a frozen forest, bringing about a change in seasons. 

It's not quite as conservative as most of my arrangements, but I put a lot of effort into it. I wrote an original haiku specifically for this song(which you can also hear during the intro):

A frozen landscape
The warm sun rising above-
Summer has arrived


posted in MnP78 on Aug 14, 2017
A thousand years ago, in lands long forgotten, great lords gave great feasts for their fighting men and courtiers. In timbered halls for days on end, heaps of meat and bread were washed down with gallons of beer and mead. And in between the meals, when bellies were stuffed and spirits high, the storyteller rose and spun tales of times long past.

The halls are now long gone—yet the tales live on. . .

(BONUS) Retrospect

posted in MnP54 on May 24, 2016
Feat. Matt Greco (vocals)

I took a very conservative approach to the song, although I did change up the pace a bit. The original was a little heavier on the bass, as Sayulee was mostly in the upper frequencies, so I had to tone down the bass a bit to give the vocals some space.

I don't mix vocals that often, so I'm not sure how that worked out. I think they may be a tad too loud at times.

Dying Winter ~ The First Flame

posted in MnP53 on May 03, 2016
An orchestral arrangement. Nothing special considering the source was a piano piece, but I did quite a bit of work to it. Features a string and woodwind ensemble covering the main melody and chords alongside a horn ensemble bringing in a few new harmonies. A piano backs it all up, with a solo violinist joining in towards the end.


posted in MnP52 on Apr 15, 2016
A somewhat standard orchestral thingy. Took a little inspiration from Hiroyuki Sawano's orchestral arrangements of vocal songs.

Dark Inheritance

posted in MnP44 on Nov 12, 2015
I had some fun with this. First time sequencing electric guitars(and it shows). Had some issues with double tracking and generally EQing, but it was a learning experience.

The 108th Embryo

posted in MnP39 on Aug 09, 2015
Count 108 years and when the Moon That Never Sets glares in red, the Moon Child descends to the earth and shall give a holy blessing to the world.

The Holy Land of Zeliard

posted in MnP38 on Jul 16, 2015
This was a very nice piece to work with. This mix ended up radically different than my original concept(which ended up being the polar opposite of the source, mood-wise).
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