289th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS289)

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Oct 13, 2019 TheVideoGamer
  1. mooove bad martini
  2. Fake Martini
  3. Dreamy Martini
Another great week you guys!

TheVideoGamer - When i saw the theme, i had James Bond in my mind (Which a clip is used by the way) But as time went on, i wanted to not rely on James Bond and do my own thing, so i decided on Jazz as it was the most appropriate. It began a little on the dark and maybe smooth kind of way (I'm not a Jazz expert so i don't know the term), but i didn't like the sample, it felt off. So i found a really good sample from this group, that i won't say, because i want it to be a surprise, but it's a sample anyways. It was in 3/4, so i hesitated for a bit. I really wanted to do it, in like a house way, but the sample wasn't working for that, so because of it, the tracks is sped up, into more...Happy Hardcore territory, is the most appropriate. It's basic, but i was really working with simple materials, and samples. When it was structured, it was good to go.

Now for the entrants.

Dusthillguy - Really nice oldschool retro sounds here, some kind of early SNES/Amiga game. There is some timing issues here, intentional or not, which didn't work. Good attempt though!

UrinalPooper - This one is ridiculous, to the point where it's not even a mistake, more like a message. It really was messed with my mind, in so many places, it was wacky. Despite how consistently aggressive, and extensive the layers are, i was drawn in more, than annoyed. Well done, this one was great!

Vaiaphraim - The production was clean, and concise. The pad sounds were great, and the funky textures were simple amazing (Especially that slap bass, and bit-crushed arp). Top tier stuff from you dude! Loved this one!

Antik - This house vibe is very low quality, but incredible. Lo-Fi meets deep house. The use of the clip, was well done, and the bassline is amazing. Nothing short of awesome for this. Well done!!

Grecr - I like this one. Piano was a bit loud for me sadly, but the melody works really well here. I can forgive you, since it was done in only 10 minutes. I can't even get a drum beat going in 10 minutes. Well done dude!

Onia - Turning the clip into a drum beat, is like the most impressive thing I've seen in a 2hts. On top of that, is a great melody, and some amazing chords in the second half, that future bass like vibe, if that's the genre your going for. Incredible stuff dude!

Awesome - UrinalPooper, Vaiaphraim, Antik, Onia

Needs Work - Dusthillguy, Grecr