One Hour Compo - Round 734 (OHC734)

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Nov 03, 2022 Arcana
  1. Endless Silk
  2. At the lake
  3. walk

I really enjoyed the brightness of ethansight's entry today. It was just so satisfying and captivating

Nov 04, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. Purple
  2. phantasmic reality
  3. Alexandrite Light

cool pics

Nov 09, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. phantasmic reality
  2. walk
  3. Purple

@Elbobbo - We sure are going on a journey.

@Misael.K - I wrote that at the time because i was unsure. Listening back i feel like i'm overreacting. Often the 2nd listen is much better than the first sometimes. But at least you know i'm honest lol

Arcana - That is one hell of a lead huh?

@Misael.K - You missed a couple E's there lol.

@Handknit - Well it could be both who knows ;)

@Suzums - Arpy arp.

@Elbobbo - Don't forget the lead lol

@Misael.K - It just doesn't stop does it?

@Handknit - The lead has some anger issues lol

@NickC - What about them? XD

@Suzums - I'm a man of many tricks lol

@Elbobbo - Well even though it's literally the same sound throughout, i'll still say thanks lol.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - This track is built around 2 chord progressions, with up to 3-4 different pad layers. Mostly a choir, 2 pads and a string section. The first progression is the main progression which plays throughout, whilst the 2nd comes in every now and again, almost in passing. As you listen, more and more stuff is added to the chord progression, almost as if were building up in dynamics. I mean it's pretty thick as is, but with the addition of the beat and bassline at the end, it comes full circle. So were not really building up in dynamics per say, but we are seeing an increase in sound. The goal is to sort of transcend you up in the air sort of. The drums are in 6/8 because i like the contrast between the straight forward 4/4 melodies, and the slightly wonky beats. Maybe simple by some standards who knows, but it was a fun track for sure. Glad you liked it!

Lyra_183 - I noticed you had problems with your microphone. The minute i clicked play, it was quite loud, and that's when i saw your comments. I don't really work with microphones so it's sad i can't really give you advice, but i only hope things get sorted soon. That also sadly means this is a good job, but i do wish things go well. Good job!

DarkShadow - I don't know if your tracks are getting shorter, or if it's just me lol. It of course sounds like a DarkShadow track. Frantic synth basslines and laser type beats. The melody in this is a little all over the place, and since it's only 36 seconds, i couldn't get enough time to digest it. Good job though!

cotmm68030 - Was not expecting a drum beat in this. It was quite a relaxing piece, and then hard hitting drums come in. The melodic ideas themselves are pretty great, but you did kind of go way too hard on the detune (Specifically in the Celesta like sound, which sounds like a main melody), to the point where the melodic ideas are a little hard to identify, and it does sound a little dissonant. This is not the way you've programmed the melody, it's rather the detune that gives it the impression. It's a great arrangement though, the background pads could be explored a bit, to try and lessen the intensity of the detune. I'm afraid it's a good job, but the idea was pretty lovely, so there is a lot of potential here. Good job!

kboldskeep - Cool beats, makes it sound like were in a room, but yet were not. The melody is a bit...strange for my liking. Weirdly distorted, and a bit hollow. The idea is kind of minimal, almost too simplistic (Not a bad thing). Has a lot of potential, especially since it has a lot of gaps to be filled, so while not my cup of tea, i did have a lot of fun with it. Good job!

elbobbo_music - Even though this is DnB like, there is some human elements in the programming, kind of cool. I like the pentatonic scale here, really makes it both uplifting for also atmospheric inducing. I smile at the sytrus presets here lol. It's kind of cute sounding even though there is mostly synth work here. I don't like how overused the synth is, makes it a bit too...hazy. I feel like pauses could be introduced to elevate some of the intensity. I mean sure there is breaks, but more is good here. As a whole it sounds great, but i don't think it's going farther than a good job, sorry.

Animatrix1490 - I like the synth brass and piano combo. The gentle flushes of the brass, with the light piano melody. I actually think it too is also kind of cute. The chord choices are pretty great too. Maybe it could do with an octave change for a bit of variety, since we stick to the same register a lot, however i don't think i found anything i consider bad or needs to be improved upon. The melody is simple and delightful. It's a slow moving piece, and it works well. So i'll give you this one, well done!

Treyt - You basically made like a 30 second beat lol. Massive tail here. I like the intensity, it belongs to a trailer to some Movie or Video Game. Has that cinematic flourish you expect from the sound. 30 seconds is sadly far from enough for me to get substance out of it, but it was fun. Good job!

Dex - Even though it's not country, it does have a kind of country sound. I'm just missing the country guitar. The pads are pretty soft and almost space like. The melodies are a little loud for me sorry, however i dug the rest. It's like almost space music. The drums are powerful and really lend itself to this vibe. Point being if the melodies were toned down a bit, this one be awesome. Good job though!

Misael.K - I like how you take a very ethereal arp mostly from a piano, with accompaniment from strings, and basically go through several different keys. Not far from something i would do, except you do it much better. It's kind of beautiful, especially with the strings. The drums are great, nice choice of break. I also like how as you progress, the piano get's softer and softer, almost to the point of filtering out. The ending is way too long. The piece ended at around 3:20 for me. The rest is just filler for my liking, as if you're trying to stretch out the length (I know, i'm to blame for some of my entries too lol). Now what i heard is beautiful, but sadly a tad bit repetitive. So i totally understand if people vote for this, it is deserving, but for me honestly, it's a good job.

DJohn - METALLLLL. I don't think i've honestly heard your voice like that man! It's soo powerful! I know you sing so well, but damn. Now the waveform is loud, but i attribute that to the genre. The vocals are just....damn. The production is not perfect if i really have to be honest, i sensed a tiny bit of clipping (Again, metal is not easy to produce. It's one thing to be loud, but it's also another to have the right balance of instrumentation. Mixing is everything in metal), but that's me being honest, as the reality is, i just rocked out to this so hard. It's an awesome idea with incredible vocal work. Might not be the most theme accurate, but damn it was just lovely! Incredible work!

Barley - Has that classic Psych sound from you. Even though it's hazy sounding, there is a lot of traditional chords here surprisingly. Like it's more of a traditional sounding piece, than expected. The vocal work is quiet as hell here, almost makes it blurry. Despite the really quiet vocal, the mix was surprisingly good. Really great that i can hear the drums in this, you're known for not having the loudest of drums lol. Yeah i feel it has a lot of potential here, it may need a little bit of work, it was still a lot of fun. Good job!

Nukage - I actually thought you were Arcana there for a second lol. The voice sounds so similar (Which might not even be a voice, but a synth). The EDM vibes are amazing as always. Kick is banging, melodies were super strong, and the synth leads in this one, were rattling my brain like no tomorrow. The 2nd drop was soo good, the sound design was outrageous. It was just awesome shit, Amazing work!

NickC - Good lord this is gorgeous! There is some melody choices i can't even comprehend (The secret seasonings here, that just make it soo weird but soo good), but it just sends shivers down my spine. Are you the new Ashka? A lot of stuff you make, especially recently are getting me reminded of Ashka (An artist i love soo much). It's simplicity at it's finest. Fits the theme extremely well, and my god it's just....soo beautiful. Incredible work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - I don't want to sound well...ignorant (If you were to put it like that), but this is the ingredients for a classic DDRKirby track. Like the guitar chord progression, the downtempo beat just screams DDRKirby. I know typing this makes me feel like i'm saying "Oh it's predictable". But i'm not saying that at all. I'm saying you do it so well, and you always come out with the most extremely well mixed tracks as a result. That melody is extremely fire also. Awesome work!

Arcana - Great chords, has some atmospheric sounds. Vocals are very front and centre. Makes it almost like an acapella with a faint backing track. It just feels like you mixed the vocals too quiet, until the main chord progression comes in. That's when it becomes level. Honestly i couldn't find anything hugely wrong with the mix. Again the point about the vocals at the beginning, i still hold, but it does get better when the main progression comes in. It does need a bit of work mix wise, which probably is a taste thing, however i did enjoy it a lot, it was a ton of fun. Good job!

Handknit - I'm gonna be blunt. I don't get this at all XD. Like i don't understand the melody or the sounds, it's so weird and experimental. The guitar work is all over the shop, almost like some 12 tone experiment. I'm not being ignorant, but it's definately not for the average listener. It's soo...random and experimental. I mean it was good, and i'm huge on experimental music (Some tracks i make are quite challenging to listen to. However even i have limits, sorry.) but i don't know this might be a bit too much. I like me experimentation, but sadly this is a good job, sorry!

Ethansight - That is one hell of a vibe. Very groovy, but almost got a bit of sentimental value to it, even though we have a simple chord progression and melody (In a good way). It totally fits for an Advert for some kind of nature thing, but with more energy. It's like an energetic version of Advert music lol. Typing that makes me sound like an asshole haha. That melody is soo god damn powerful, it's awesome. You make such vibrant melodies, so much better than me. Playful Techno i'll call it. Awesome work!

JH Sounds - You write such great lyrics, i must commend you on the catchy nature of your lyric writing. The beat was also fun too. Sadly i didn't like how you used a 3 chord loop throughout, makes for a very repetitive listen. I love me 2-3 chords if you can do something with them, but in this case it was a bit loopy. Sorry if that makes it sound a bit abrasive. Good job though!

Top 3 - NickC, DJohn, Nukage.

In hindsight i should have gone for the more theme accurate (Ignoring Nick's), but these were the ones that ended up impressing me a lot, the production was amazing!

These 2 were the more theme accurate, and also deserved to be on the list:



Awesome - Animatrix1490, DJohn, Nukage, NickC, DDRKirby(ISQ), Ethansight.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, cotmm68030, kboldskeep, elbobbo_music, Treyt, Dex, Misael.K, Barley, Arcana, Handknit, JH Sounds.

Nov 10, 2022 Misael.K
  1. Sun Song
    JH Sounds
  2. infinite night sky
  3. Endless Silk

JH Sounds: catchy and feel good.

DDRKirby(ISQ): absolute bliss.

ethansight: relaxing and uplifting.

TheVideoGamer: surprisingly peaceful, lovely chords.

awesum: animatrix1490, cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, DJohn, ethansight, JH Sounds, NickC, nukage, TheVideoGamer.
good: Arcana, Barley, DarkShadow, elbobbo_music, handknit, koboldskeep, Lyra_183, Treyt.

Nov 10, 2022 NickC
  1. infinite night sky
  2. Gentle Sundown
  3. Endless Silk

Nov 10, 2022 ethansight
  1. Gentle Sundown
  2. Picnic at the Moonlight
  3. The Countryside

1 Misael.K - Lovely! The drums keep a nice gentle pace, and the melodic instruments are soft and warm. 

2 TheVideoGamer - Hopeful! With a healthy dash of wistful and resolution

3 animatrix - Fits very well, staring out over the water with a slight breeze to keep you company

4 DDR - Suuper vibey, like the depth in the hat/percussions. Synth lead is like the wandering musings of deep thought

5 DJohn - Woah. Seems like quite the important walk, hope everything worked out in the end. First I've heard this style from you, actually really tight!

cotmm - Deep crunchy beat, almost ominous 

Treyt - Smol burst

Barley - Psychedelic and based

nukage - Big big trappy purple. Wub drop at the end goes haard

NickC - Very open and contemplative, great space but the occasional off-key note brings it back a bit