286th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS286)

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Sep 22, 2019 TheVideoGamer
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    pixel boy
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Great week everyone as always!

TheVideoGamer - I had to go through multiple ideas, before i found something i could work with. You see, the theme wasn't intense, but it wasn't dramatic, more intense if you will. I started off with a noise track, but it was too slow for the theme. I then tried, basic techno, a bit slow and a bit boring. I tried Gabber, and that was sort of overkill. Too intense. So in the end, i went in the middle, the tempo of Gabber with the production values of Techno. I also added in atmosphere, to fit the theme better, including an intro, with Liam Neeson's infamous quote, slowed down and drenched in reverb. Then it was really working around a rather repetitive bass. I wanted it to have a chunk of repetition, but i didn't want it to be one loop, so there was a lot of refinement. All in all though, pretty happy with it.


PixelBoy - This one is incredible. Amazing bass usage, dynamic drums, and has a lot of dark atmospheric qualities. Fits the theme very well.

Hedcannon - Great job for first attempt. Has a lot of underlying aggressiveness, with a sense of urgency. A bit too loud, volume wise, but i enjoyed it.

Nukage - Amazing production as usual. Very dubs n wubs aggressive, and has a great buildup. Well done Nuke!

Antik - Has the qualities of house, with the experimental vibes of...well experimental music. I do enjoy this one, but i feel the drum rolls are a bit overkill. Good job though.

Chardas - This beat is lit Chardas. Soothing, spooky, and dark. Great job!

Grecr - Guitar, Bass and Drums were amazing, but vocals, seem a bit lost. Increase the vocals, and you have a fire track.

Vaiaphraim - Nice retro Chiptune. Love the melody, bopping my head along to it.

bo0m3r31337 - As always, you impress me with some amazing dub n wubs. In this case Drum and Bass, with a nice gliding synth, and string section. Awesome stuff as usual.

Awesome - PixelBoy, Nukage, Chardas, Vaiaphraim, bo0m3r31337.

Needs Work - Hedcannon, Antik, Grecr
Sep 25, 2019 hedcanon
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