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On 4/23/2020 at 11:04 PM, TheVideoGamer said:

I haven't seen a Ridge Racer entrant in a long time, nor do many people actually remix the soundtrack, apart from the composers themselves (You know, the ones who made this kick-ass score?) So i'm going to rectify this, with one of my favourites in the series (Yes i said one, too many gems to ignore, in the whole franchise).

So the game is Ridge Raver Revolution, and the Track name is ...Dat Dan Day...A. As suggested in the title, it is a racing game, almost no different than say...Daytona or OutRun. The big difference being, that this is electronic dance music, and was maybe the first racing game to incorporate this style. Others were following along a hard rock/synth-pop approach. The main reason i picked this one is (Not for the title by the way. A lot of game composers do title their tracks with some ridiculous titles), because it has a awesome use of chords, and a lot of development, despite it coming from Hardcore Techno. When making the MIDI, i was really surprised to find how detailed the drums were, despite it coming from a genre known for more repetitive beats. All in all, we need some electronica in our lives, so i hope you guys will do wonders with this one. 

Note: I only did the instrumental, i did not include any voices. You might have to manually add them in yourself. Sorry, but that's how it is...


Link to the video:


And of course, my own custom MIDI:


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