Puyo Puyo~n Futuri De Puyo Puyo (PRC462)


Source: Puyo Puyo~n (Dreamcast) - Futari De Puyo Puyo

"For some random reason i seem to be going for the Japan exclusives lol.

The source i'm sending is one of many Puyo Puyo instalments, specifically one released for the Dreamcast and N64 called Puyo Puyo~n. Puyo Puyo~n is more closer to the 2nd Puyo Puyo game in layout and stages, but of course with new graphics, story and music. Puyo Puyo is considered a classic to some, so i can see why it got so popular.

Puyo Puyo~n was never released outside of Japan, which i don't know why, the world could use more Puyo Puyo games, as the games are simple but addicting. Now this was actually a recent discovery (A couple of weeks ago), so i've not played the game or listened to the soundtrack in complete full. I've played the original Puyo Puyo and Mean Bean Machine, right from young till now, so it has a nostalgia factor, but in this case, this is all new to me. I was watching some Puyo Puyo speedrun kind of thing, which got me curious about other games, and eventually led me to this. I listened to the soundtrack, again because curiosity and this one really stuck out. It's called Futari De Puyo Puyo and it's just so god damn catchy lol. The soundtrack itself is pretty great, even for something closer to a soundfont like score (It unfortunately does sound a little...dated in some tracks), however this tune doesn't sound like that, even if it uses the same instruments (Or something similar), it's really good! I picked this not just for that reason, but it's both simple and complex enough to warrant creativity for remixing. I listened to it expecting like 5 channels, but ended up with 16 no kidding. That's the beauty of making your own MIDI's, you never know what you're gonna get lol. The track is best described as a kind of blend of cute maybe Anime sounding melodies, against thick DnB beats. It doesn't use a Breakbeat as such, it's all a drum machine, but the way they've programmed the beat gives me that impression. I don't know the exact genre here, but it's definately whimsical and cute, with a sort of electronic groove behind it all. 

I'm not gonna go into the game as such, one because there isn't much to talk about, and two, because we all know Puyo Puyo as a franchise. If not i'll give a once over. It's a Puzzle franchise that involve blobs that come in pairs of 2. You are required to created matching links of the same colour. If you have a chain, combo's form causing clear blobs to be transferred to your opponent, which have to be destroyed by matching links of the same colour (Provided it's near one). If all of the blobs fill the top, it's game over. It gets harder and faster as you progress, until you reach the final boss. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine uses the same format, so if you know that game well, chances are you know this one. Compile made the game (As they do for most of the games). Compile no longer exists, as they have split into two separate companies. Compile Heart (Merging with Idea Factory) and Compile Maru (Which is not responsible for the current Puyo Puyo Games, Compile Heart is.) That's all i have to say, hope you do this one Justice!"

And as usual my own custom MIDI:





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