Puyo Puyo~n Futuri De Puyo Puyo (PRC462)

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Mar 14, 2023 bundeslang
  1. Puyo Puyo~~~~Remix!
  2. Everyone Puyo Time!
  3. Futari de puyo puyo - HLEET Remix

Ding888Ding - Catchy song, the drums are making the song, it misses an ending.

HarlemHeat360 - The song has a nice bunch of samples altough the background is repetitive except for the last part.

Hleet - It's a good mix, a bit short but qualitive.

TheVideoGamer - Thanks for another 'complete' contribution.

Mar 14, 2023 hleet
  1. Everyone Puyo Time!
  2. Puyo Puyo~~~~Remix!

@TVG - Bonus : I really like the loudness of the track.

Everything sounds so clear to my ears.

Very nice remix, it sounds very pro !

I would vote for this one, but I don't want to upset you :D

PS : I'm not fan of the second part where you try some DJ stuff.

@HarlemHeat360 : Is it a reggae version ? xD

OOH ! there's an E-GUITAR ! nice change of pace.

The craziness of the guitar is interesting :D

In a nutshell, I like it, good work !

@Ding888Ding : I like the idea of a dance version.

Not so fan of the bass sound/sample (a bit too much low-end for my taste in the mix)