Super Drift Out + Mega Man ZX (PRC461)


Source 1: Super Drift Out (Super Famicon) - Title

Source 2: Mega Man ZX: Advent (NDS) - Target Chaser

Source 1:

This is the source intended for PRC458, however as i can tell, i went a little too late on the last Source, so i might be required to push the sources back a round. For this one i'm going for the Title theme of a Japan exclusive SNES game, called Super Drift Out. Why this? Well i like going for more obscure games that not many have heard off, but also you end up finding the most unique of tunes, and this is no exception. The game itself is a racing game, no different than say Combat Cars for the Genesis. The camera angle and motion of the cars, reminds me of that game. However it's better than Combat Cars, as the controls are better, and the difficulty curve isn't irritating. From the info i can find, the game isn't rated that highly, and is often considered more of a generic Racing Game. I also can't find much on the game, as again it's a Japan exclusive, and was mostly just a passing game (AKA a game that got sold, and then forgotten about). Dragnet in cooperation with Visco Corporation was responsible for creating the game.

The music itself is best described as 2 CD's. One containing Breakbeat and Techno like tracks, with Piano riff's and Simple but effective melodies, and the other in the vicinity of Gabber with a hint of Experimental stuff thrown in. Streets of Rage 3, is the best comparison to make. Now despite all of my keywords thrown in, it's actually the Title theme i'm showcasing, which is literally none of these Genre's lol. It's best described as Downtempo music but with an electro beat, and some really vibrant Synth Stabs in essentially 2 layers. DM7 and AM7 stacked. It's actually pretty awesome, both the simplicity of the chords, but also the stacking also adds a touch of complexity to the bunch. The chords are basically the whole piece. It's very much a 90's styled dance tune, so it is unfortunately of the loop based variety. The stabs really are the backbone of this piece. Without it, we have just drums and bass. I picked this, because the chords are really interesting sonically, but also i like picking sources that encourage creativity. Because it's just mostly a ostinato, how you expand upon it, is left up to you. You are taking something super simple, and making it a little more complex. I hope you have fun with this.

Now before i link the video and MIDI i do want to point out one thing. I don't normally add any effects to my MIDI, i like to present it RAW, mostly in the form of the correct notes and the rhythms. Any articulations can be added manually in your remix, which allows for flexibility within the remixer itself. The MIDI doesn't dictate the effects, but rather you do. Now in this instance, the Delay was such an important part, that the rhythmical ideas in the chords sounded totally off if i didn't use it. It's like the Delay not only adds space, but actually completely absolves it of it's original rhythm, to the point where it sounds like a new melody of some sort. It was so fascinating that i couldn't just use the base sequence, but i had to add the Delay for it to make sense. So what is really 6 channels, becomes 12. Again i don't normally do this, but the piece just wouldn't work without it, so i ended up adding it. You can just delete it, and add your own delay if needed. Hope this helps. Again if this cannot be used for PRC458, then move it up a round.


Game: Super Drift Out (Super Famicon)

Source: Title Theme

So here's the video:

And as usual my own custom MIDI:

Source 2:

Here's my pick from PRC459:

"Target Chaser" from Mega Man ZX:Advent. Immediately following the character's transformation into a proper jump-and-shootin' powerhouse. Have some fun with it!




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