One Hour Compo - Round 603 (OHC603)

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Apr 30, 2020 A2Z
  1. Chamber of Lights
  2. Late Night Air
  3. Firefly Dance
flies on fire!!
May 01, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Twinkling Lights
  2. bittersweet
  3. Bug Dance
TheVideoGamer - It's hard sometimes, when you wanna make something, but half-way through your brain tells you to do something else, because you don't like it, or it's too short, or this idea is better etc. I started with really fast DnB, mixed with some beautiful emotional elements, because of the image, then i did another section with sample layering, before a 180 into extremely fast breakcore, with a long sustained ambient pad. Finally it goes back into section A before finishing. I'm pretty happy with this, maybe my favourite so far.

animatrix1490 - This is uniquely weird. We have some rather cool melodic materials going up against some rather static buzzing sound, could be emulating the sound of fireflies who knows. It sounds nice, but has a couple of timing issues, and get's a bit too high-pitched towards the end. However though, i did enjoy this so good job!

DarkShadow - As usual DarkShadow. This one is very conflicting, with a extreme use of bass synths. It was nice though, good job!

A2Z - The pad chords are beautiful, and kind of what sold me on the experience. I'd also say it's the most fitting to the theme too. Excellent work!

Nukage - Good ol' dubstep from the master. Unfitting to the theme i think, i but cannot lie, and say this is a head bopper. Well done dude!

Atmospherium - I really like this. The melody seems to go against the vocals, which is one half great, but also one half weird. The backing track seems to really work with the vocals, but yet at the same it doesn't. So weird, well done!

ashka - The pad sounds great, but the overall mix seems a bit conflicted. The drums seem a bit too present, as well as the pad is a bit too consistent. Also i feel the bass goes against the chords. Still though i enjoyed this, good job!

NickC - I love this, but it's' very long. I don't mind long songs, hell i even love them, but it never seems to develop for it's runtime. 4-5 minutes would be fine, but not 7 minutes. Still though great job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - The overall composition was nice, if a bit atonal in parts, and the retro styled sounds were a nice touch. For me i feel the second half is a copy of the first half, but that's only a small nitpick. Well done!

Arcana - This is good, but very uneven. One minutes it's loud, one minute it's quiet. Still though, i enjoyed this good job!

Misael.K - Really like this. A bit too long for it's purpose, and a bit too loud, but the minimalism was cool, if maybe a bit too repetitive. Good job!

obScene - Absolutely love the atmosphere. Shame it's so short though. Well done though!

Dex - The song seems to pick up better in the 2nd half (With a lovely bassline). Great melodies though, and nice reverb sounds. Get's a bit loud for my taste, but still very nice. Good job!

Starla - Man this is funky. I love the beats, they are so good. Great use of vocals too, they go well with that nice rhodes. Awesome work!

LunacyEcho - This is whimsical. It goes by different sections very quickly however, as well as the rapid changes in melody sounds. That though, is a small nitpick, because i loved this. Well done!

Johnfn - Starts of a bit dry, but picks up as you listen. As you listen, it turns from ok, to excellent. The melody is extremely dynamic, i love it. Well done!

GreyHooves - A bit too minimal for me sorry. Needs more than 2-3 sounds. But it was cool, so good job!

Top 3 - A2Z, Starla, obScene

Awesome - A2Z, Nukage, Atmospherium, NickC, DDRKirby(ISQ), obScene, Starla, LunacyEcho, Johnfn

Needs Work - animatrix1490, DarkShadow, Ashka, Arcana, Misael.K, Dex, GreyHooves
May 06, 2020 GreyHooves
  1. Firefly Dance
  2. Bug Dance
  3. The Firefly Waltz
May 07, 2020 Misael.K
  1. Evening Haze
  2. Sparks
  3. bittersweet
Atmospherium: a delightful vocal entry, with a nice mixture of singing and rapping. Digging those Linkin Park vibes.

ashka: super pretty entry, very theme-accurate.

starla: lovely vocals and beat and rhodes! really liked this.

nukage: I'm gonna quote NickC on this: "this is disgusting". Seriously delicious production.

awesum: Arcana, ashka, Atmospherium, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, johnfn, NickC, nukage, obScene, starla.
good: A2Z, animatrix1490, GreyHooves, LunacyEcho, TheVideoGamer.�
May 07, 2020 DDRKirby(ISQ)
  1. bittersweet

This was my favorite starla entry in a while and that's saying a lot
May 07, 2020 ashka
  1. Firefly Dance
  2. Twinkling Lights
  3. Late Night Air
Misael.K - super cool emotional poppy composition! I wish the layers near the end had better stereo, great stuff otherwise.
A2Z - tasty pads and chord picks! digging how little percussion this has. arp reminds me of a 7th gate track
TheVideoGamer - I wasn't hooked at first, but the third 'idea' was exactly what I needed to hear
There's Not Enough Places: NickC's Luminescent Elateroidea, awesome drum loop
May 07, 2020 NickC
  1. bittersweet
  2. Hero Hours Contract WIP 2
  3. Chamber of Lights
starla - beautiful vocals, I love the epiano and the chord choices

DDR - great melody in this, the little whole tone bit is a nice touch

nukage - getting this done in an hour is insane, skills! and I always love to hear a good growly bass
May 07, 2020 johnfn
  1. Hero Hours Contract WIP 2
  2. Firefly Dance
  3. bittersweet
lots of good stuff this round! misael.k got closer to the theme than anyone else, IMO. nickc also had a really good piece, and so did atmospherium, and voting for lunacyecho would basically be a self vote (not that he's ever done that hmmmMMM)