299th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS299)

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Dec 22, 2019 TheVideoGamer
  1. christmas time = good time
  2. Manylights
  3. The Tree of Light
Merry Christmas Everyone!

TheVideoGamer - I just love Christmas. I absolutely love Christmas. So i wanted as much uplifting vibes as possible. As a result it sounds like one big warm hug. I started with a simple piano and bell sequence, that really gives off the basic warm vibe, then i expanded it, and added chord progressions and such. At first, it sounded too traditional, so i wanted to add more to the simple ideas, by making different chord progressions with complex chords. Nest this one top of rather distorted, techno like beats, and a lot of soothing atmosphere. Plus some melodies, on a emulated Korg Poly 800 among others. It's both simple, but complex. After structuring i was ready to go. Sure it's 6 minutes, but i had a lot to say, so er... yeah.

Now then...

Vaiaphraim - This is such a lovely composition. It's very high energy, and has lot of great melodic elements. You know how much i love your melodies! It's dark sure, so it doesn't provoke that much Christmas, but the composition was great! Well done!

UrinalPooper - I love this! It has a great punk attitude, and a nice organ sound! When i first listened to it though, it scared me, because of the sudden vocal drop that starts the main piece, just after the organ intro. Still though i loved it, so well done!

r05537G - Good attempt, but it's missing some things. The vocals are too unexpected, and the drums are lost in the background. Also towards the end, things get too trippy, i loose focus, but the potential is there, and i like the bass synths. Good attempt!

Antik - Aww dude this is soo cute. Fantastic beat from you, maybe the best you've done in years! Absolutely fantastic work!

bo0m3r31337 - This composition takes me into so many unexpected places it was crazy. Despite the manic energy though, everything felt soo smooth. One minute we have some cold atmosphere, next minute we have some intense scraping triplet growls. This is amazing dude!

lukeloww - Like Antik's this is soo cute also. The chords are amazing, and i love the lyrics. Sad thing is, the vox is a bit too loud, which is a shame, as it works so well with production. Still though great job!

Phoolard - This is such a christmassy vibe! It works as some kind of Christmas movie! The mix was nice and dynamic, with the exception of that bass sound towards the end, which isn't bad, just a bit close to the threshold. Apart from that, the orchestra works wonders here, for some cute fun. Amazing work dude!

Awesome - Vaiaphraim, UrinalPooper, Antik, bo0m3r31337, lukeloww, Phoolard

Needs Work - r05537G