One Hour Compo - Round 787 (OHC787)

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Nov 09, 2023 Koekepan
  1. Cyber deer hunting
  2. Time To Kick Some Ass
  3. a shot in the dark
For all the complaints about arrangement, I enjoyed the atmosphere that thesocialcontract brought.

Nov 09, 2023 Arcana
  1. Take the Shot
  2. Zeno
  3. Time To Kick Some Ass

DDRKirby with the really solid and dancey track. Really a huge vibe you've set.

Atmospherium got the cool chugs, everything is so thrilling.

TVG with the cool melodic aspects weaved into the cool chords.

Lots of cool stuff. bjk with the nice noodling, cotmm gritty industrial stuff. koekepan with the gentle ambient piece that lifts you down, that kind of strange feeling. Lots of stuff that worked today.

Nov 14, 2023 bjkmenu
  1. The Outlander
  2. Cyber deer hunting
  3. most dangerous game

in ranked order:

ethansight - strings sound good, good combo with bass/synth. has a magic quality. i didn't like the lead synth in the middle/end.

thesocialcontract - this was tied with nickc but i gave it a slight edge because the non resolving chords at the end. arrangement advice? from me? make it fun. you don't have to tell a story. you have to make yourself happy. people know passion when they hear it. i'm not exactly mozart, but that's what i do.

nickc - good build, liked the sounds at the end

atmospherium - probably should have voted this much higher based on the good guitar. i don't vote like that. i go with gut feelings/personal tastes. impressive. i could critique this further, but you probably know it needs some extra spark somewhere. maybe a more defined melody, or if not that, harmonized leads

ddrkirby - i'm probably too old and my ears are shot. this sounds way too loud. great melody. rhythm parts are really cool. i would try to talk about eq but i still don't know what i'm doing after all these years. i ranked you higher based on execution of the parts. and drums.

thevideogamer - great build, don't like the snare. ranked higher mainly because of some pretty good groove. sounds great, would love to see how you pan things and what eq, compression stuff you use. some lead synths are way to shrill and loud tho. there are parts i loved, then a lead will ruin it.

arcana - great chants.






Nov 15, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. most dangerous game
  2. The Long Stalk
  3. Hidden Deep In The Forest

All comments are replied to on discord, rendering this part irrelevant. On to the voting!

TheVideoGamer - This track is the best attempt at a EBM/Industrial type beat, featuring a lot of very thick distorted basslines, intense pounding drums, and a array of synth ideas, from melodic pads, to wailing lead synths, to even some syncopated parts for a bit of funkiness. Melodically, it's quite rich, but in terms of chords and arrangement, it's a bit on the simple side, but in a good way. It's all largely due to stylistic choices. The chords are quite...tonal, but they are playing 7th chords, and maybe some 9ths, but no augmented or complex chords, it's kind of space like. The rest was just adding to that, with fills, risers, breakdowns etc. All in all, it's definately a fun piece, i really like this one. Glad you liked it too!

BJKMenu - Drum Machine rock les goo. Really liking the drum machine, the dirty bass tones, the cool guitar licks, and the...repeating of the words gravy, testing and microphone. I have no idea what the lyrics means in relation into the theme, but it's pretty hilarious. The track is quite....hard to follow, you keep throwing different lyrics that have barely any meaning, and there is a lack of a melodic progression, so i can't tell what sections are which, especially when you keep implying there is a section change. It's hard, because it's....funky, like....very funky. In the end i gave it to you, because god dammit i laughed. Well done!

Koekepan - 6 Minute Koekepan returns! It's almost becoming a weekly thing. That bass tone is mighty deep, and those occasional melody flourishes are really cool. The light arp work is quite cool, and makes for a sort of underground atmosphere type stuff. At first i think, this is very minimal, but this gets changed soon after, for some pretty space pads, and filtered ambient embellishments. It's one of those tracks, that rewards you for listening, and i like that a lot. It also slowly becomes more, relaxing throughout, with melodies that remind me of a music box. I'm just shocked for this being the 2nd entry, at how detailed it is. There's so much going on throughout, it keeps on changing. Baring in mind this is also 6 MINUTES. You work very fast, damn. Honestly, this was just beautiful, and definately lovely all the way through, so beautiful i picked it for the 2nd spot! Incredible work!

DarkShadow - More of those sawtooth waves i love from you. This time with laser kicks, and the classic filtered chords we know. This one also features some very rattling square notes, and and some intense snare work. The bass a little too much, especially with the sustained notes. Also this one is a long one from you. Not my favourite, but it was a lot o fun nonetheless. Good job!

cotmm68030 - Another 6 minutes, wow. Lots of long ones this weeks, and there's only 12 entries. Loving the drum work, and arp ideas. Not the most calming, it's actually got a groove, that is very rare for CotMM. Also the melodies are quite tonal, this is definately rare. I dig the reverb usage, adds a bit of airiness to the whole thing. The breakdowns are cool, where the bassline is centre stage. Quite the granular textures here, really adds to an overall minimalistic type sound. The only thing i will say with this, is that i feel like we more. At the moment, even though there is a lot sound changes and timbre shifts, it gets to the point by 4 minutes, where i've heard everything, and now were running it a bit too long (I feel like there could be more melodic ideas, like a lead melody, or a chord progression besides arps) Tad bit repetitive for me if you want my honesty. (I'm not immune to this, don't worry lol). Definately a lot of fun though, lots to like here, good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Riser intro to the main section was a great way to kick things off! Sick melodies, amazing hyper sections. Definately feeling epic. Lots of sections, with little chance to anticipate, even if were in the same key. 2 minutes is great, but i feel this could be like 4 minutes, it's very epic, but goes by too fast. However i cannot deny, your melody game is way too strong, even for my most skilled melody ideas. More to like than dislike, if anything this could even be voted on, despite my critiques. Awesome work!

thesocialcontract - Pretty string instruments here. Maybe it sounds like a Lyre? It's definately not a guitar, or a harp to me. The military type drums were very cool, definately not expecting it for this piece. The bassline and melody lines were also unexpected, but a lovely addition. It's pretty thick and clustered, and does detract from the string work, which kind of get lost in this. In terms of arrangement as per the description, this is great. Nothing wrong here, it's super catchy. I just feel the 2nd part needs a bit more finesse, to reduce some of the intense clustering going on, as well as the unusual chord that kind of took me out of it (A lil' dissonant). It's still a lot of fun though, super into the idea! Good job!

Ethansight - Ethansight doing a cover? That's definately new. The strings in this one are insane! Not expecting realistic strings here. Honestly i listened to ever Daft Punk album except Tron, so sadly i don't know this one as well. I really dig the arrangement, and the cool melody ideas that get thrown in throughout! This one i had to play a few times to get the jist of it, as new stuff is thrown in every second, that i fail to catch, until i listen again and again. Amazing chords, amazing synth melodies, it's super dope! Don't know how much is the original, and how much is new ideas from you, but i loved it, so i'm definately giving you this. Definately voting worthy, awesome work!

Atmospherium - It's been ages since i've heard you. How are you doing? This is some sick Cyber Metal going on. Lots of cool ambient elements going against some dirty Metal riff's, thick drums and some really sick synth arps. Some parts almost remind me a little of Math Rock, but in a different way. It's kind of moody, even though the sounds are very intense. The ending felt a little shoehorned in, you probably ran out of time. I was also kind of expecting some drum groove changes, like you sometimes do in your tracks, but i think it's based on how you play the guitar and how you sequenced the melody. I mean i'm still gonna give you this, based on how good it is, but i felt we could have more changes, who knows. Anyways, this was absolutely sick, well done!

Arcana - Arcana channelling a bit of his inner Tribal. Lovely airy vocals, great reverb, super into the background instruments, very calming, and unerving. Orchestral drums kind of take me out of it, but they're not obstructive. The whole thing is super sick, i love the medieval choral chants in the voice, going against the cinematic backdrop. I see the video game inspirations are rubbing off, the lyrics definately sound like a factious language, similar to the Klingon from Star Trek, as an example. The biggest critique i have, is the vocals. I think there is a detune element or something, but some parts are weirdly out of tune, and it's very noticeable. It makes the track a bit too sharp for me. Still though, whole idea was sick, and has a lovely backdrop of sounds, so lots of potential to be had. Good job!

Misael.K - Harpsichord! Really trying to get that baroque influence in. Loving those chords, i get this weird feeling i'm in a medieval shop of some kind at night. The drums were not expected, and despite being a little loud, still manages to propel this groove forward. Even if there's drums, i'm not paying attention, as the melodies are awesome. Some of your chord progressions you provide, are soo cool, even if some of them are more simple and straight forward. I don't know, it's captivating. The chords and melody were the star, although the whole thing was very catchy. This was honestly...awesome. So awesome it's on the 3rd spot on my list! Amazing work!

NickC - This is probably the longest entry you've made in a while. This is quite the deep textures, and the wind effects were a lovely touch. This is creeping on Koekepan territory. The sound effects are lovely, and the pad noises were calming, and very airy. I feel like were in a forest. A lot of tracks here, are super melodic, and chill, and definately works without drums, yet you choose to add them. I mean i'm not complaining, it really adds something interesting, although if this was me, i would have not gone for them. Does not ruin the track, it's still awesome. The sound effects are just soo good! Especially if they've been synthesized. Whole thing is one lovely sonic texture, that combines the chill with the cold unerving tension. Definately love this. In the end, it was so theme accurate (And a lovely listen altogether) that is what tipped me to place it on the top spot. Incredible work!

Top 3 - NickC, Koekepan, Misael.K.

These 2 also deserve to be on the list:



Awesome - BJKMenu, Koekepan, DDRKirby(ISQ), Ethansight, Atmospherium, Misael.K, NickC.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, cotmm68030, thesocialcontract, Arcana.

Nov 16, 2023 ethansight
  1. Hidden Deep In The Forest
  2. Zeno
  3. most dangerous game

1 Misael.K - What a lovely strange drum arrangement! Smooth bass and sparkling synths and tense strings coming from the secret lair

2 Atmospherium - Weighty tones and serious slides, fits the theme perfectly

3 NickC - The darkness and a wispy mist slowly closes in around as we head deeper into the forest, with strange whispers and flashes of glowing eyes all around..

bjkmenu - Robin out there having a massive cake party

Koekepan - Really like the sparse bass, the slightly shivering pads and cautious plucks

DarkShadow - Dramatic back and forth between the big bass and supersaw armies

cotmm - Enjoyed the variety of strange wibbly noises almost psychedelic 

DDRKirby - Get the feeling of a triumphant charge, with a little bit of duel drama at the end!

TheVideoGamer - Tense slow drive on this one, all the rough sounds contribute to a feeling of battle, favorite is the wobbly pads

thesocialcontract - Majestic galivant through the woods after the mighty stag! I find one way to build a journey fast is to move onto a next section after you have the skeleton of a first one. A lot of times I get stuck just fleshing out one section or chord progression but if I can move past it knowing it isn't perfect then at the end there are more places and the track is better for it.

Arcana - Dramatic chanting march tune

Nov 16, 2023 cotmm68030
  1. The Long Stalk
  2. Hidden Deep In The Forest
  3. Take the Shot

on target.

Nov 16, 2023 NickC
  1. a shot in the dark
  2. Take the Shot
  3. Time To Kick Some Ass