Impromptu Compo (90MC109)

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Aug 16, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. The Mudfish Chills
  2. Sinking Ground
  3. Dry Fish

Aug 17, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Sinking Ground
  2. The Mudfish Chills
  3. One Friendly Mud Boi

I wasn’t here dammit, but I can vote, I have a phone, headphones and access to compoverse. So I’ll share my thoughts here. Hope you all had fun!

Meistr - Great electro like vibes. Lots of dirty danky drops. Some sections are abrupt, maybe you could have more smoother transitions, but most of the mixing is lovely. Wasn’t expecting your voice here (Or a voice), but I can dig it. Hard to see how this was made in 25 minutes, it felt like it was made in 1 hour, the mix is that good! I would not make this in 25 minutes, not this good of a mix. Well done!

MissFern - Track is very dope, lots of cool modulations throughout. For a newcomer who is learning FL this is seriously much better than what i did. I love the way you made each sound layer really nicely even if some are presets or pre-made sequences (If they aren’t im sorry, I didn’t mean to generalise). Hope FL Studio works out for you, if you need advice I’m happy to help. Well done!

JH Sounds - Nice augmented chords, really cool spicy harmony. It didn’t start like a JH Sounds entry, but when you added in the drums, and I definitely felt it. Great vibes, very fun, well done!

Treyt - Not a very EDM like piece, which I wasn’t expecting since you are known for a lot of dirty drops lol. This is a pretty dope idea, very 90s sounding but with a lot of Chiptune influences. It’s got a very catchy melody, although I have to say this is one of your more quieter entries. Well done!

DJohn - Sick metal, great chords and fantastic singing. Love how you introduce some formant like shifting at the end, that was dope. Whole track was epic, well done!

Sansero - Geat synthwave, very dope catchy melody, and a really nice mix. Melody might be a lil out of time, but I’m ok with that. More variation could happen in the drums and the chords, but it’s still amazing stuff, well done!

I don’t feel like giving out any Needs Works this week,  especially for one entry. So well done all! I’ll try and make it to the next one if possible. Thanks!