Week 2 (90MC002)

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Feb 02, 2021 Vaiaphraim
  1. Welcome Traveller
  2. Blacksmith morning
  3. Rose Village
TVG - I'm seriously impressed by your work. Great arrangement, nice use of samples, a driving beat, and beautiful melodies. (Also, it's below 6 minutes ^_^) Seriously, sounds to me like a great composer is within you!

Jose - The soundscape was totally on point (well, the kick was a bit too intense, maybe), but otherwise, the entire track is soooo laid-back, a perfect fit for the theme, I think :)

Misael.K - Great vibes, I dig that sound! It's quite different from the style that I expected for this theme, and I mean that in a very positive way :)

Starla - Delicious sounds, amazing vocals (I can hear that harmonized third, even if you didn't manage to render that in time). Great use of the vocal range, I find, and nice lyrics to go along with :)

ashka - I really like the composition, but from my interpretation, it didn't match the theme all too well, with trance chords and acid bass, but I still like the track (definitely top3 in my book, based on the music you made, irrespective of the theme)

GLL - Live piano recordings... I'm really amazed by those that manage to just improvise on the fly with such a versatile instrument.... bass, chords, leads... you got them all. Impressive work on that - plus the vocals on top, with some cheeky, 4th-wall-breaking lyrics! Way to go :)

Vaiaphraim - just for reference.... first of all, set your timer right. It's NOT the same time as 2HTS, it's one hour E A R L I E R. That aside, I think you should develop individual sections more. Stop exploring the entire universe, when there's just one - sleepy - village to write the song about. I like the MIDI sounds, but a bit of reverb on some of the elements would go a long way. Besides, the chords don't really follow a rhythm other than the bars, so that could be improved. Plus, the drums should play along with the melodies (and chords) a bit more.

Great work, you all! See you next week :)
Feb 04, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Home town
  2. Rose Village
  3. Adventurer's Dead End
@Vaia - Your very kind lol, thanks for the lovely words.

@Misael.K - I'm pretty sure it's an augmented chord, i don't usually think about names, i just go by my ears.

@Everyone - You guys are very kind, thanks for the lovely words!

TheVideoGamer - This track evolved from a simple guitar phrase i created. It's not a real guitar, because obviously i don't own such tools, however i turned the guitar into a long section of ambient synths and things. On top of that is strings, followed by a synth flute melody and a lovely beat. I say lovely, because i'm extremely proud of this one. Overall i think i've done a good job.

Misael.K - Omg this is soooo pretty. Duude, i don't care how short or repetitive it is, this is amazing. Your voice is lovely too....amazing work!

Starla - I think the voice is a little too loud within the backing track. However i love everything about both the backing track and the vocals. Just needs to be blended a bit more. Good job though!

Jose - Kick is a bit too loud within the mix, but the rest is also amazing. Really digging the melodies here. Good job!

Ashka - Dude your far too talented!! Like seriously, is there an entrant you've put out, that does suck? Every entrant so far has been top notch....

Vaiaphraim - Sick melodies as usual. You really know how to nail that retro vibe. Love this a lot, well done!

GLL - Your piano playing is out of this world. It's sooo pretty. I also love your voice too it blends so well. This is just....amazing work!

Top 3 - Ashka, Misael.K, GLL

Awesome - Misael.K, Ashka, Vaiaphraim, GLL

Needs Work - Starla, Jose.
Feb 09, 2021 ashka
  1. Welcome Traveller
  2. hero
  3. Adventurer's Dead End
Feb 09, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Welcome Traveller
  2. Home town
  3. hero
TheVideoGamer: super lovely!

ashka: peaceful but mysterious.

starla: great vocals.

awesum: ashka, starla, TheVideoGamer.
good: GLL, Jose, Vaiaphraim.�