329th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS329)

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Jul 19, 2020 neweyesnewsights
  1. Bonded to a bad idea..
  2. Pirates of the Hills
  3. No Nee Canny Be From Orkney
Because it's my first step to world domination !
Jul 22, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Pirates of the Hills
  2. Highlands: The New Frontier
  3. the highlands
Another great week as usual!

TheVideoGamer - I took Hector the Hero, a traditional Scottish Folk Song, and made a Hardstyle Tune out of it...er...that's it. It took me a while to figure out how to even incorporate a distorted beat to it, that took me a bit of time. Still like the results though.

Now then...

DavidKirk - Great grooves, but i expect this from you. Nice use of Scotland the Brave, what some people call, the official anthem of Scotland. Groundskeeper Willie does a good job to keep things interesting. Long story short, this be groovy. Well done!

RicardoMenegasso - This is super funky! Loving the melodies here, they work so well, for a high-energy disco experience. Well done!

neweyesnewsights - Extremely creative use of the theme. That car door, makes a great snare drum sounds. Loving the unique ideas here, well done!

Don_Macaron - Your guitar playing is sooo nice, this gives me such a calm vibe, i love it. Well done newcomer!

anubisrl - The guitar tone is soo dirty, it's great. Feels like grunge or something lol. Well done this was dope!

Vaiaphraim - Classic Vaia chiptune, can't go wrong here. Well done!

UrinalPooper - I don't even drink, and Necro's already tryna get me drunk haha. Classic rock i always love, well done!

dione bigode - Great efforts dude, the distorted tones were great. Voice is heavily masked, almost non-existent, but i liked what's here. Good job!

TheGuitarWiz - The atmosphere was awesome, the track in itself is rather beautiful. Well done!

coolgreenapple - This just sounds sooo nice and pretty. The chords soothed my soul....like a lot....just awesome work dude!

Teenagebeard - A lot of songwriting this week. Not a bad thing though, it's rather nice. This is another nice composition, with a great use of vocals. Well done!

phoolard - Sorry dude, Pirates aren't Scottish. However i forgive you, since you made such a banger. The samples are seriously good, like even better than some of Antik's sampling. Love how it goes with the grooves too. Incredible dude!

Sunny Says - Thanks to you, i now have the idea, to include an outtakes in my compositions. Still think, you are sick rapper. Your bars are really good. Well done!

bo0m3r31337 - Can it go any faster? Haha. This is just...soo good. You know how to excel in your style, and i still love every track you've made. Well done!

Awesome - DavidKirk, RicardoMenegasso, neweyesnewsights, Don_Macaron, anubisrl, Vaiaphraim, UrinalPooper, TheGuitarWiz, coolgreenapple, Teenagebeard, phoolard, Sunny Says, bo0m3r31337.

Needs Work - dione bigode