One Hour Compo - Round 740 (OHC740)

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Dec 15, 2022 handknit
  1. Sticks and Stones
  2. Mystery of teh Bones
  3. Animated bones

Dec 15, 2022 Koekepan
  1. Dead Carcass Part 2
  2. Mystery of teh Bones
  3. of stasis and perpetuity
ThaTaskmasta was both evocative and beautiful, with the Pink Floyd synth sounds at the end.
Dec 15, 2022 Arcana
  1. Sticks and Stones
  2. Dust to Dust
  3. Laboratory of Revenants

DDRKirby: Really liked the intricate details in this one, from pitch bends to rhythmic details and distorted violin bows. Nice job with the horror theme vibes and the overall bop.

Barley: Really like your voice in this when it's clear and forward, both the low growls and the midrange.

Koekepan: Sounds like you but with arps in the background but it's a nice change of pace and sounds really good.

Dec 15, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. Mystery of teh Bones
  2. Each thought was once alive
  3. Rotting


Dec 22, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Mystery of teh Bones
  2. Previous Resting Place
  3. Sticks and Stones


@Misael.K - Yep this is Death Metal alright.

@Dex - It's a little squished i'll admit. I don't make much Metal so i've yet to get to grips with this style.

@CotMM - Lol no it's not.

@Dex - Thanks i like them too.

@CotMM - DSK Choir saves the day lol.

@Misael.K - Oh it is somewhat possible. I've seen what some of these metal drummers do, my god lol.

@Suzums - Death Metal Doom maybe?

@CotMM - See, there you go. I told you it can be possible to play that fast lol

@Koekepan - Just never do meth in general lol

@CotMM - It does remind me of Doom, but faster in my opinion.

@Arcana - I'm not sure if i even put in a bass. Real Metal has such loud guitars that the bassline is barely audible lol.

@Suzums - Definately final battle music for sure.

@CotMM - And Children of the Monkey Scene was never to be seen again lol.

@Misael.K - Music to murder Zombies with haha.

@Dex - Death Metal gives you no time to sit down does it lol

Now we move onto my second submission:


@Arcana - Nah there's no part 4 because this theme does not fit at all lol. I

would never make a Halloween theme about Christmas lol.

@Misael.K - A 6 minute metal song would be insane to be honest. All it would contain is pure repetition.

@Suzums - Ironically probably more distorted than the metal track i did lol.

@Misael.K - That too lol. My description for the first entry actually does a good job explaining everything about why i did this track, instead of part 4. Tonight's compo though, i will try and make a part 4 and then a part 5 next week.

@Suzums - Synthesizers for the win!

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words on both entries!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - This track is obviously a metal track. Started life on 2hts, and then made it's way up here. The original was 3 minutes long, and a bit unpolished (Even if it still sounds good), so i added an extra minute and a bit more clean up in places. It's still not the best mix, because admittedly i don't make much metal, nor would i consider myself good at metal. Dex and Atmospherium know more about the genre than me, but for what it's worth, at least i didn't do a complete failure like some of my other Metal attempts. End of the day, this theme is more suited to Halloween, than Christmas, so it wasn't really letting me explore my Christmas spirit. I know i could still do it, but i am bound by some restrictions in the themes i do. End of the day, this is what i came up with, so i hope you got something out of it.

ThaTaskmasta - I had a fair bit of time to spare, so i used it to make this piece. It's a little experimental number with a bit of sound design stuff, almost as if it's simulating liquid. I felt like doing Dark Ambient because i was both curious, but also i felt like i could do more with the theme i had. I was basically using my time to make something, so i felt like i got my OHC's worth lol. Oh well, thanks for listening!

Lyra_183 - Ooh drums and guitars! Looks like i might anticipate a full on metal week this week lol. Your voice is a bit loud in this one unfortunately. The waveform is clipping a bit. However the idea was pretty awesome, i love it when you add more instruments to your pieces, it brings it to life. Good job!

cotmm68030 - Why didn't you change your name to Children of the 6 Minute Machine XD. This is some dope sound design stuff, really liking the whistling effects. It sounds like some scary bird. I like the chimes it almost makes it very dense and unsettling. For some reason i get the impression were in a Subway. I don't know why, but it just screams that vibe for some reason. It almost sounds like your doing some kind of loop in 6. Every 6 bars is a chime, to signify the beginning of the loop. However as we listen, the sounds get more aggressive, more harsher, more free flowing. Oddly calming for something spooky. I think some people might find this tiring. The whistling effects of your sound design, can probably be a bit on the long and tiring side, however i also think it's really cool, and is needed to satisfy the unsettling nature of it all. This is why i'm torn. I like it, but i feel there could be things to change it i don't know. In the end though, i ended up liking it a lot more on repeat listens, and so i felt it was enough for me to give you this one. Awesome work!

DarkShadow - Crazybus! First time DarkShadow has explained a bit of his process lol. I like the weird lasery nature of this piece, even if it's perhaps a tad bit too dissonant for my tastes. Good job though!

elbobbo_music - I thought there was something wrong with my headphones there haha. You really tricked me into thinking something was wrong. I like the note choices, very jazzy sounding. I love how you from a triplet feel into almost a swing feel. It was kind of a cool touch. I'm reminded of a mid 1994 PS1 kind of game, but with a slightly more modern production value to it. Some parts do sit well in the mix personally, and the bassline could do with a bit of modulation here and there. However idea was super fire, so good job!

Barley - Great chords, cool guitar tones. I like that the drums are a little closer to the mix. Always great to hear some thick drums. The vocals however, are a little buried in the mix. I found it hard to decipher what your saying, so i'm grateful you posted the lyrics, or i would not understand what you are saying. The 2nd part though is actually pretty awesome. You built it up from a quiet moody vocal and soft guitar, into a full on metal and punk vibe, with the growly dirty vocal, chugging guitar and full on voice manipulation. I'm actually gonna give you this, because that was a full on switchup which i actually really like a lot. Well done!

Meistr - Your not great at orchestral? This is miles better than what i would have done! I love the strings and choir work, it's pretty great. Granted i'll admit it does need mixing, it can be a tad bit loud and i don't feel like you've nailed the spacing of the instruments (Basically they all seem to sit on the same level), but you've done a much better job than me, i would definately not done as well as you've done. Good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Clicky percussion ooo. Lots of syncopation, feels very disco inspired. The sound effects in this one definately remind me of Boogerman for the Sega Genesis. Super spooky but also has a lot of great melody ideas, the melody line is just killer. The effects are also lovely too. The syncopation is amazing, it's super funky, you've nailed the rhythms in this. The mixing is super tight also, definately enough for the 3rd spot, amazing work!

Koekepan - Lovely synth arps, feels very 80's inspired. Nothing wrong with branching out. I love the background pads, it's very calming and space like. The drums are quite interesting in regards to the mix. It's almost like you've taken most of the high end away. Not just for the kick, but for pretty much most of the drum sounds. The beat reminds me a bit of a sort of Luke Vibert type beat. The way you've mixed the drums is probably a bit on the aggressive side, especially in contrast to the light melody ideas. It's not a repetitive piece, it's quite varied for the sounds used, and do like the idea a lot. For if you did a bit of mixing on this, it would sound pretty awesome. It's definately a great idea, with lots of potential. Good job!

Suzumebachi - Cool guitar licks. Sounds like it belongs to something like Evanescence. However things change into something very jazzy towards section B. It sounds very weird but cool at the same time. The chords are definately not your generic chords at all, it's like the most insanely different harmony i've ever seen. I don't know what it is, but man it was fascinating as hell. Ending was abrupt, i feel like we could make it more than just a single stop. It has a lot of room for expansion. At the moment though, the jazzy brass, the slightly spooky guitar, the arrangement is all seriously fire. Even with it's potential, it was still awesome enough and theme accurate for me to put it on the number one spot. Incredible work!

Misael.K - The percussion here is really interesting. It sounds different than your average drum groove. Especially in the timing. It's so deliberately out of time it's really cool. The chords in this are pretty amazing. Then again you do come up with some pretty sweet chords in your tracks. The melody is also amazing, and the mix is so nice in this. It's not too loud or quiet, everything sits so nicely. The chords are just soo good in this. You've managed to pick a progression that doesn't sound boring or flat. It works well for it's runtime. The 2nd half is also different. I wasn't expecting the reverb wash. Personally that's a little unfortunate, because the beginning was a little too short. I feel like you could have made it a half n half kind of track. So the first half is the non-reverb and the 2nd half is the reverb part. Still does not absolve any of it's awesomeness, it was still a lovely piece, with a extremely hummable melody, So amazing it was on the second spot! Incredible work!

Handknit - This ended up being sound design week, not metal week lol. This is some really intricate chords in the background. It reminds me a little bit of Sonic CD but the American version. The melody was completely out of the blue, and kind of scared me a bit. Sort of takes me a little out of the experience. The chords that follow are very weird, and completely experimental. I think there can be a limit in how i like my experimentation lol. The ending is pretty chaotic. Sounds closer to free jazz in my eyes. Not sure what to think of it, it's probably a bit too experimental for my liking (Maybe i don't understand it who knows. And i like me some Merzbow every now and again). Maybe some might understand it more than me, who knows. All i can say is i'm afraid it's a good job.

Dex - RAWWWK. I'm definately getting a Bowling for Soup kind of vibe. The piano in this one is pretty intense, kind of drowns out a bit of the other instruments. The vocals are awesome in this, but alas they also suffer the fate of the mixing. They kind of get buried in some parts (Not all, as for the most part it's pretty well balanced). It just sounds like you didn't have much time to finish mixing, and what was left you uploaded it. The track it's pretty awesome, but the mixing could make it even better. Props to using AI for the lyrics, that's actually pretty cool! Good job though!

Arcana - Cool syncopation here. Has a weird bossa nova feel for it, even for dance music (Well probably not dance music, but it seems like it's heading in that direction). The chords are detuned to hell, and i sense that's deliberate. I actually love it, microtonal music deserves more love in opinion. The chords are really cool, i like the idea. Your voice is improving so much with each track, and the idea in this one is pretty great. Not awesome material sadly, i still feel there is some mixing touches here and there that could really amp it up, however it was one of your better tracks for sure. Good job!

JH Sounds - You still trying to make a track with only 2 chords? One day it will work. I love the synths in this one, kind of a mix between trap but with a sort of triplet kind of rock feel. It's such a unique comparison but yet it works. I'm afraid you went to 3 chords in this. If you want to only do 2 chords pretty effectively, i would maybe try and listen to some of the Beatles 1967-1969 works. They managed to keep it simple with mostly 2-3 chords but without compromising on any repetition or simplicity, as it was mostly the production that gave it the life it deserved, not the performance. I'm not saying your track is simple, i'm just explaining that this is what they did so that the track wouldn't fall into the trap of it being too simple or bland. Your track is far from simple, and pretty awesome, great lyrics. One day you'll nail two chords. Well done!

Top 3 - Suzumebachi, Misael.K, DDRKirby(ISQ).

cotmm68030 also deserves to be on the list.

Awesome - cotmm68030, Barley, DDRKirby(ISQ), Suzumebachi, Misael.K, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, elbobbo_music, Meistr, Koekepan, Handknit, Dex, Arcana.

Dec 22, 2022 Misael.K
  1. Animated bones
  2. Each thought was once alive
  3. Dust to Dust

Dex: punk rock? more like awesome rock.

Arcana: loving to see you getting better!

Barley: solid entry! one of your best so far.

awesum: Arcana, Barley, cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, elbobbo_music, JH Sounds, Koekepan, Meistr, Suzumebachi, TheVideoGamer.
good: DarkShadow, handknit, Lyra_183, ThaTaskmasta.