Silver Surfer NES (StW4)


Hello all and welcome to the fourth edition of Spin the Wheel! A fun way to showcase appreciation of soundtrack based music in Video Games!

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Last weeks winners was Ronald Poe! Sadly he was unable to provide me with 6 games to put into the wheel, so we will continue as normal. If by the off chance he does send me some games, i will use this for the next round. Despite the fact i haven't got any games from him, he can still only participate with a bonus mix, but has a vote that counts twice! The ones highlighted in blue, was the recent choices made for the wheel (2 rounds ago)

The Wheel in Action!


It landed on NES for a change!

The random game that was chosen is.......

Silver Surfer!

Download available MIDI files here!

Search Silver Surfer! using Ctrl + F! This game lists 5 midi files, to remix with!

There is sufficient material to remix this score. The soundtrack itself has roughly 6 remixable songs in the score.

Listen to the Soundtrack:

 Information about the Game and Soundtrack: 

Silver Surfer is a video game released on the NES in 1990 by a company named Software Creations. While not a fantastic game, with heavily divided opinions on weather it's good or not, it did showcases a rather difficult learning curve, and of course a high amount of praise for it's music, which is often considered one of the best in the Systems catalogue. Based on the Marvel character of the same name, it features the Silver Surfer as he trails through different levels shooting enemies and fighting a boss, just like any other standard shooter. It wasn't innovative, and many cite it as the worst in terms of gameplay. It's not the worst game ever, otherwise the music would also add to the experience, and of course many people claim it to be the best on the NES. The sound was done by Geoff and Tim Follin, often claimed to be the best in the Oldskool video game sound department, making countless memorable soundtracks loved by people. They are brothers, and often work together or go there separate ways depending on what happens. The music is a combination of some classic chiptune rock n roll, and occasional synthpop, acid house/techno pieces like in the title screen. They used all 5 channels and managed a rather impressive selection of sounds without the use of PCM, something many people are most impressed by.

Compo starts Today at 15th February 2019! and finishes at 1st March 2019!

Voting begins on the 1st March 2019 and finishes on the 8th March 2019. I will inform you who has won on the thread!

Please submit a valid mp3 file, in decent quality that is less than 20mb. It must be easy to access and download. A ThaSauce page will be set up soon, so if you can then submissions. It's been an on/off situation with ThaSauce, so SoundCloud is a good choice if ThaSauce isn't working for you. Right now nothing is set up, so submissions will have to be external from this thread, via download links, or streaming services. I recommend using SoundCloud as a choice of service! Add a link here on this thread, if you can.

You have 2 weeks to mix! Let's see what you have come up with! Good Luck!

Ronald Poe won last time, and as such can only participate with a bonus mix!


You will have 1 hour to complete your song and 10 minutes to finish it up. You will then have an additional 10 minutes to upload your song. At 6 PST/9 EST you may begin your mixing, please have your files uploaded by 7:20 PST/10:20 EST. Join us for discussion on Discord!

Start: on 2/17/19
Deadline: on 3/11/19
Voting: on 3/15/19

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