302nd 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS302)

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Jan 12, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  2. Everyone Has A Price
  3. Take From Me
Another great week dudes!

TheVideoGamer - This one is a little more simple today, in terms of discussion. It's mainly a standard hip-hop beat with a large dense reverb bell sequence, lots of extended synth chords, and a sub bass. However though, what distinguishes my other hip hop beats, is a real acapella, only because it felt too repetitive as an instrumental. I tired my best to splice up 2Pac into the beat, and while it sounds cool, i could have done a better job. Still though, it's not bad. After that i just did the usual structuring until it was ready.

Ok then....

Hedcanon - Wow this is the best track you've done so far. The mix was nice and dynamic, and the build-ups and changes kept me engaging for some really nice ambience. I also like the end-part when it goes into the more Dubstep styled parts. I do feel, it ends when it begins, but everything leading up to it was pretty awesome. Well done dude!

Antik - Antik my man great attempt, but could be better. I love the Rhodes used, and i do like the integration of the vocals here, but the kick is a bit too compressed, and the vox is lost in the background. Still though i enjoyed this good attempt!

AkiaDaGreat - The guitar loops here are lovely, and the beat is well mixed, definitely suits your vocal. The mix is very clean, and works well with the vocals. I don't have anything bad to say here, works on a modern pop album. Well done!

Vaiaphraim - I love the melody here! Excellent as always! The retro 8-bit sounds were very pleasing to the ear, and made for a really nice melodic experience. Still sounds like the Vaia i like! Well done dude!

Kneecaps - Daaam you made even the simple act of money sound Cute. Wooow. Even if you don't like it, i do. The production is great here! The only complaints is how loud the vocals are (And maybe how short it is, but this one is minor). Besides that though, the melodic elements mixed with the beats were great! Great Job!

Timv - Ack this is some serious well done dubs n wubs. Always gain for some Neurofunk! Just wish you didn't leave it incomplete. 30 seconds is not enough for this awesomeness.

Awesome - Hedcanon, AkiaDaGreat, Vaiaphraim

Needs Work - Antik, Kneecaps, Timv