Week 75 (90MC075)

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Jun 28, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. night jam
  2. Street Lights
  3. same thing as last tuesday. since i am busy and there was no pa

TheVideoGamer - Did a downtempo styled piece, with funk basslines, calm pads and a oldschool retro drum machine for the beats. Like this one.

Lyra_183 - Great singing!

Exubeat - Synthwavey Trap, i dig it a lot!

NickC - Shame it's only 40 seconds, this one was fire! Almost like Part 2 to Exubeat's.

Sansero - That was one killer orchestral piece, lovely melodies!

DJohn - Man the effects on them vocals were crazy! Piano playing is awesome, this was lovely!

Awesome work people! Amazing tracks all around!