One Hour Compo - Round 724 (OHC724)

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Aug 25, 2022 Koekepan
  1. Floating Down to California
  2. Drift
  3. drifter
They all were relevant, but I felt that DJohn made the most coherent, stylistically appropriate artistic statement.

Extra points to ethansight for sound design choices.
Aug 25, 2022 coloradoweeks
  1. Floating Down to California
  2. Underwater Currents
  3. Jellies

great tracks everyone!

Aug 25, 2022 Arcana
  1. Floating Down to California
  2. drifter
  3. Medifish Jellytation


Aug 26, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. drifter
  2. the water pressure is mounting
  3. Floating Down to California


Aug 31, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Jelly
  2. drifter
  3. Medifish Jellytation

@Nukage - Throwin' every fancy aquatic like word i can to make this title lol.

@Misael.K - Only the wettest for this compo haha.

@Nukage - Or maybe i just needed an intro lol.

@DJohn - Hell yeeee....

@Arcana - I have my signatures ;)

@Suzums - I am known for distinctive melodies and harmonies. Maybe a little more on the ethereal sort of side. I don't just do plain ol' major and minor.

@Coloradoweeks - It was nearly gonna be a full ambient piece, but then i felt it was getting a bit boring lol.

@Misael.K - Well without the distortion, it felt like it was getting pushed by the rest of the mix, so i needed to get it to show em' who's boss. So it is quite the impactful snare.

@Coloradoweeks - You can thank Synth 1 for that ;)

@DJohn - Thanks, i like to make very beautiful music. It's my favourite kind.

@Suzums - It's become kind of a cliche at this point lol. Whenever i approach the end, i throw in an acid bass just to make it seem like it's not repetitive. It's like "Look, there's an acid bass in there. So that obviously means it's not repetitive" XD.

@Misael.K - Wow you actually recognised it. I'm actually impressed. I'd thought it would be hidden enough for it to go over people's heads. Also nobody seemed to realize the candles round for 709, also contained a Sonic 2 reference lol. I like throwing in little easter eggs, it makes it more fun. It's like a little scavenger hunt of melodies.

@NyancyCat - Well i'm surprised you did, as i did not make that one easy.

@Nukage - Making a 6 minute solo does not mean i work fast haha. It just means i'm channelling my energy into something else. No but in serious, when i have essentially a completed loop, i break it down and use it throughout. It's like building a lego house, then rebuilding it in stages, if you get my drift. So the pads the drums, the bass and arps, were essentially there, i just needed to bring them in and out, whilst other stuff gets added. It's really not that complex when you think about it.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then....

TheVideoGamer - This track started life in a sort of generic way. Some arps, and then a chord progression on a pad. I say generic, in the sense it's a common format for me to work in, rather than a generic sound. I'm super happy with this one, don't worry. The track itself is very beautiful, designed to be more emotive than say...simply underwater sounding. It's like beautiful pristine life. The main bulk is basically an assortment of pad and string layers, a bassline and a beat playing some rather straight-forward licks, and some arp and mallet melodies which add more of that dreamy like qualities to the sound. Everything is basically added and taken away as you listen, as well as with the addition of some new sounds as well as vibrant lead solos. It's just a long pristine journey, with a fair bit of emotion. In all seriousness, i love what i've done here, and i hope you do too.

cotmm68030 - I'm liking these sounds. It reminds me of a record scratch or something, but with more of a deep distorted sheen to it. The pads are very deep, but very beautiful, it fits the theme very well, despite it being quite haunting. The second image works best in my opinion. It's very moody, and was designed for something open, and airy. Although it is a bit on the scary side i suppose, it ends up working more as an advantage than a disadvantage. It's just lovely freeflowing ambient, with a lot of choice textures. It's just lovely, well done! It was a tie between you and Koekepan, and in the end Koekepan just hit a little harder for me, in terms of theme accuracy. However both were awesome, so it would have gone either way. Amazing work!

DarkShadow - Ah yes, the loud waveform is here. I can't tell if the bassline is a kickdrum or if the kick is a lazer lol. So many confusing array of sounds, i can't what is what. I don't like the flat kicks you use, the loud basslines, and the sudden ending. Not my cup of tea, sorry. Good job though!

Lyra_183 - Really great singing (Albeit a little quiet). I always feel like these work well with a beat of some kind. Good job!

ScootaLewis - Sorry bro, at least Squidward actually plays an instrument. This is just an acapella of one track ontop of another. Like it's funny in the theme context, but you did literally minimal production in my eyes. Maybe i'm going at it too hard, i'm sorry, but i can't critique it, if nothing really was created. Good try though!

Koekepan - Deep synth noodles. It's almost as if you're cycling through different synth sounds in some kind of loop. I dig the pads, it has that very minor 4ths and 5ths kind of movement to it, that makes it both cold and very sparse, as if it's done on purpose to provide some kind of isolated feel. The pads become the centre stage as you progress into it, causing the synths to be more texture than so much noise. This is not a critiscms, that's actually a good thing! I love the pads and the way it flows, it's extremely beautiful for it's simplicity, it just works super nicely. Incredible work!

Lenticels - Got some dirty basslines going on there. Really funky stuff, especially when blended with that dirty beat. The chords give of a reggae influence, it's pretty cool. Digging the lead, ton of fun, and very dynamic. It's more of a simple track yes, however everything was there, in terms melodies. Last few seconds were very loud, you need to tone the lead down a tad. As much as i loved the production in this, the loud ending, and some of the mixing, brought it down to a Good Job for me. I'm sorry, but good job!

obScene - Ooh these are some very interesting harmony choices! It's like Major chords on top of a minor melody it's super cool. I dig the strings in this one, it's not your typical string sound. It's like a spiccato effect being drowned in reverb. The piano on this one is awesome, it has that lovely cinematic edge as always, and the lead is lovely and vibrant as always. It's just very tense, and fitting for a horror movie. All the compositions you do, just have an amazing cinematic sound that i always love, it's great. This one is no different, and no less awesome! Amazing work!

Nukage - Deep chords, classic Nukage vocals. It seems vocals are now a staple of your tracks lol. I love the way it builds up, it starts of calm and relaxing, and then the beat suddenly hits, it's great. The autotune is a little funky for my liking, however that might be just preference. The beat in this one, is super quiet compared to the rest, like it's super noticeable. Maybe i'm too use to intense sidechain who knows. If i'm basing this one melodies alone, it's kind of awesome, but if i'm doing it on mix also, then it goes down a little for me, i'm sorry. Good job though!

Dex - Really simple but emotive piano chords, i dig it. Bassline is really nice, it follows a kind of simple but effect pattern. Compared to last time, in my opinion this is a much better use of the soundfont. It has more of a human element to the sound, and the sounds would perfectly be acceptable for the stage in a live gig. You do go a little too hard on the piano, which can affect the mix a tad. However in terms of melodies it was seriously strong stuff. It's enough for the awesome category. Well done!

NickC - Pentatonic chords oo. I'm loving these modulations, it's extremely pretty stuff. Very emotional and just....expressive. Oh man this round is a tough one, you really showcased some of your best music you have to offer. The melody took me by surprise, especially with some of it's unusual note choices, but i'm not complaining, it really adds something amazing about this whole thing. It really hits me in the feels, especially for something super cool. When the IDM like beats in 3/4 time i was like....woow. Like this is something i would have probably done, but not as good as you. The more i listen, the more i get mesmerized. It's just incredible stuff! The unique vibes is why i ended up you on the number one spot. Incredible work dude!

Misael.K - Really deep emotive chords as well. The sound is very deliberately psychedelic and hazy, with a deliberate in your face dreamlike feel to it. In a way it kind of continues on from last week's entry. Like it's loud, but yet perfectly mixed, it's kind of strange lol. It's just a lovely piece, that keeps it developing, while keeping the same chord progression. It also just keeps on adding and adding, but in a way that keeps the vibe intact. Another amazing piece, Awesome work!

Meistr - Great synth work, loving the filtering. I like the kick and snare/clap combo. It sounds like some perfect EDM rap song, it's great. I wish it wasn't only 56 seconds long though. Like this has perfect potential, but the effort was spent more on the rap than the beat for me personally. It was great don't get me wrong, but there wasn't enough for me to go by, i'm sorry. Good job though!

DJohn - Is this some kind of country song? The name suggests it. The guitar is just lovely, i can never tell if you played it, or used a loop. The melodies and singing is just awesome as always. A feel good song, for something about Jellyfish lol. Awesome work!

Ethansight - More of that classic Ethansight harmony. Like only you could come up with this kind of adventurous harmony. I dig the guitar work in this, that southern clean guitar sound, feels like we are in some video game almost. The synth sounds in the second half is just delightful. Lovely chords and melodies it's soo goood. The fake build up at the beginning almost got me. The melodies and harmonies are amazing as usual, and the vibes are just tight. The drums could do with a little more mixing if i have to be honest, they're a little flat, however the melodies overtook everything into the Awesome category. Awesome work!

Handknit - That is some cool bassline sounds there. Sounds like it belongs to funk music. I dig the beats here, it's very much a funky experience, even for a simple bass sound and a drum loop. This is very nice guitar work here. This sounds like some live jam it's cool. Mixing is needed here unfortunately, and the melodies can be a little repetitive after a while. My advice for you (Especially since you posted a request in discord), would be to vary the drums up. Add some fills, maybe take some parts away (Either by filtering or EQ). The array of sounds that come in and out are also really cool, but i don't hear any context to how they're used. You add a sound in for the sake of it. Ending could be less abrupt, maybe finish on a bass note and a crash. The melody isn't well defined, even though you've set up a solo, and lastly (Since i'm sort of waffling) you kind of have moments of rest, that result in empty sections that kind feel a little boring to be honest. This is all just my observations, i can include more if you want, but for now it's a good job. Keep at it though, it was a ton of fun!

Coloradoweeks - Man this round has set up some incredible entries! Why are they're so many awesome entries! The chords are ethereal, and just sooo pretty. Each change works amazingly well, and your voice is like a mix between human and robot, it's just woooow. Like it's not just the voice, it's the chords and the pad sounds that compliment the piano chords. I'm just a sucker for that kind of chords. So beautiful and dreamy. It's just....Incredible work!

JH Sounds - Ooh more interesting chords. This round reminds me why i'm so basic with my chords sometimes lol. This is just such intricate chords, like i don't know a song with this progression (From my memory). Great lyrical writing, it's just a ton of fun, well done! Oh and cool ringtone by the way.

Arcana - Not familiar with the original, but then again i came later lol. I dig the tight trance vibes here, the kick is very punchy which i love. I don't know if the vocals were a new addition, or if they were in the original i don't know. I also don't know if you upgraded the original or not, all i know from listening it sounds nice. Mixing touches are recommended in honesty, and your vocals are a little sparse in this one. When they come in, they come in at the strangest of times. This is one of your better mixed ones in honesty, however there is still potential. Good job though!

InvisibleObserver - Another quiet waveform. Digging the strings in this, it's very emotive (My favourite word this week lol). The way the strings move around, is also great. I don't know if i hear this in the context of a beat, i have a feeling these pads are setting me up for that, even though this waveform is consistent. I can't tell. It definately reminds me of Vangelis a lot, especially in the chords. The ending was just different enough, that it felt like some robot glitching out, yet it never looses the calming feel. Abrupt ending, but honestly really strong stuff from you, well done!

Starla - So i guess this is a 3 hour compo? I can tell with the 5 minute runtime lol. Normally you scrape 3 minutes at the most, 1 minute on average. The chords are lovely (In fact no, more than lovely, some of these modulations are incredible wow) reminds me a little of Portishead? I don't know, the way you set up the drums and chords gives me that feeling. I can totally see some of your flexing on this track, as it definately sounds high quality, especially since it was made in under 4 hours. So while it is sad i can't vote for this beauty (Because it was way of the guidelines), i can at least guarantee an Awesome vote, especially since i'm commenting on this. Amazing work!

Top 3 - NickC, Coloradoweeks, Koekepan.

This round gave me so many amazing tunes, it took me ages to choose 3 for the list.

These entries were denied a spot on the list. Some were just incredible, but yet i could only pick 3 :(

cotmm68030 (It was a tie between you and Koekepan. Koekepan just hit a little more, however both were awesome!)

obScene (This was just soo good, if theme relevancy wasn't a factor, this might even be number one)

Misael.K (Man i was sad this couldn't be on, it's also awesome.)



Starla (If this was made within guidelines, i'd also consider this on the top 3)

Awesome - cotmm68030, Koekepan, obScene, Dex, NickC, Misael.K, DJohn, Ethansight, Coloradoweeks, JH Sounds, InvisibleObserver, Starla.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, Lyra_183, ScootaLewis, Lenticels, Nukage, Meistr, Handknit, Arcana.

Sep 01, 2022 Misael.K
  1. Medifish Jellytation
  2. drifter
  3. Prismatic Nautical Aquatic Maritime

Koekepan: the jellyfishiest of them all. Pure calm.

coloradoweeks: super chill and drifty.

TheVideoGamer: while not strictly "mostly ambient", the vibe is still very chill.

awesum: coloradoweeks, DarkShadow, Dex, DJohn, ethansight, InvisibleObserver, JH Sounds, Koekepan, Meistr, NickC, nukage, obScene, TheVideoGamer.
good: Arcana, cotmm68030, handknit, Lenticels, Lyra_183, ScootaLewis.