Rave Racer + Lufia 2 (PRC421)


Source 1: Rave Racer (Arcade) - Teknopera

Source 2: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (SNES): "For the Saviour ~ The One Who Will Save the Earth


Source 1:  picked by TheVideoGamer (winner PRC418)

I've done a few Ridge Racers here, but I'd figured, why not keep doing some more? The soundtracks to these games, actually often go unnoticed, so in a way, i'm giving it more attention lol.

This one is actually from Rave Racer, which is the third game in the series, and the last to be played on a Arcade Machine (Or at least, the last commercial one to be released. They did another arcade Ridge Racer in 2001, but i don't think it did well....),

The track name is Teknopera, which is kind of fitting, since it's pretty much Techno, with operatic vocals. Quite uplifting, and heroic, balancing out a kind of Fanfare-ish brass thing, with electronic techno/house beats. I mean... it is Rave Racer, and in the Ridge Racer franchise, you get nothing more than pure rave music...so....I think peeps, will have fun with this, and to be honest...the arrangement, could actually work orchestrated. Who knows....

Game: Rave Racer (Arcade)

Source: Teknopera


So this is the video: 


And as usual, my own custom MIDI:





Source 2: picked by TheVodouQueen (winner PRC419)

"PRC 421 -  Estpolis 2: Curse of the Sinistrals (Nintendo DS) / Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (SNES): "For the Saviour ~ The One Who Will Save the Earth"


Composer(s): Yasunori Shiono
Arranger(s): Yukio Nakajima


PRC Blurb - 'For the Saviour':

"I wanted to think of a good song to follow up the new year with. The excitement of today, the dread of what's to come, the need to survive and fight on to live another day, the want to protect a loved one--especially in these trying times. Although it might not be a spot-on choice, this 'final push' music made to succeed or die trying hit me hard as a kid when I first played through Lufia II for the SNES ages ago. I double-checked and made sure no OCR or PRC was made of this, and to be perfectly honest I am astounded no one had done a remix of this or chose this as something to add to the 'Lufia II: Of Gods and Men' album that hadn't been released yet. If I knew about it before...I would've taken the shot at it. It's one of my favourite RPG songs of all time. You felt it as Maxim, when you were battling your way across the underbelly of the Fortress of Doom to stop its descent before everything you knew and loved ended...

Now, I want to see what people do with this end-game theme. Everything from a dance track to bombastic, high-tension orchestra that'd make John Williams blush. Let's do Lufia II some justice and fight for a better 2021 from start to finish."




MIDI Direct Download: www.midishrine.com/midipp/sns/Lufia_2/50-For%20the%20Savior.mid



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