Rave Racer + Lufia 2 (PRC421)

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Feb 07, 2021 Brainstar
  1. Tekno-Saviour ~ The One Who Will Fight to the Last Duel
  2. Impending End
    Wassup Thunder

Only two mixes to rank this time but still a lot to say, wow! Even so both remixes are very enjoyable and have their own strengths and weaknesses, I decided on "Tekno-Saviour" for first place as it shows a ton of different takes on the two themes that blend together even if not completely seamlessly yet still fittingly.

Detailed criticism:

TheVodouQueen - Tekno-Saviour ~ The One Who Will Fight to the Last Duel

Now this is a very ambitious one, I hope my criticism will do it justice! There are parts here that I really, really like but at the same time there are a few that I just can't warm up to even after the fourth listen.

The concept of this track is very intriguing - I instantly liked the way you mixed in short spotlights of the original choral in the opening like I tried to do in my own remix. Then a very nice transition at 2:15, but at 2:40 and following the bass sounds extremely soft in relation to the punch of the rest.

The harp at 3:02 and following feels to much in the foreground and the scales are a little odd. You might try - instead of a simple arpeggio - emulating a real harp by "tuning" the seven white keys +/- a semitone and then just play a "retuned C major" scale. (For example a Cdim7 [C-Eb-Gb-A] would tune C to C, D to D#, E to Eb, F to F#, G to Gb, A to A and B to C.) This would lead to a bigger density in the harp runs and might add the same sparkle while being more in the background.

(Is there clipping at 3:55 or is this something in my system?)

I like the choice of instrumentation at 4:25 - 5:05 but the notes on the pizzicato strings and the bass feel a little bit weird, like intended chaotic-sounding elements but at the same time too less chaos for my taste to feel intended.

At 5:05 I really can feel the space for an electric guitar solo over the rest here, yes!

Great sound at 6:55 following, appropriate simultaneous breakdown at 7:42 and very fitting monophonic finish!

All said I really like this one and hope to see more of its kind in the future!


Wassup Thunder - Impending End

Very enjoyable remix - the rock-orchestra idea works very well on this one! To be honest, I like the sound of the guitar on this interpretation so much that I would probably have even shredded the beginning fanfare on guitar instead of using brass.

One of the downsides is the sound of the drums - especially in the beginning. The mix would really profit from some large cinematic drums here that open up the space. The rock kit starting around 0:25 is find to me!

At 0:48 the mix is too crowded for the timbre of the flute in the used range, maybe if it were an octave higher it might have better chances?

2:00 I like very much! But at the same point I get the feeling that the timpani is overused. Great transition around 3:30! The orchestral finish might have profited from a little slowing down - and again a little less timpani.

Overall this is also a very enjoyable remix that really respects the vibe of the original!


TheVideoGamer - Symphony No 4 in A Major (Rev Racer) (BONUS ENTRY)

Not much to say about this one. Nice take keeping most of the original vibes, I especially like the opening up of the harmonies in the "second" part!

There's only on transition that feels a little bit odd. Might be my classically trained ears but at 4:14 the bass and the soprano of the chords are led parallel in octaves which leads to a loss in harmonic desnity at the change from the second to the third chord and back. I personally probably would have opted for the bass progression "A-A-E-D" instead of "A-A-G#-A".

All in all this is a very danceable remix that might find it's way into my playlist!
Feb 07, 2021 Wassup Thunder
  1. Tekno-Saviour ~ The One Who Will Fight to the Last Duel

So as I understand it, my vote doesn't technically count for anything, right? So I thought I'd at least post somma my thoughts!

I like TheVodouQueen's success in mixing in multiple pieces for quite a roller coaster of emotion and vibes! Takes me through dire, victorious, happy, and dramatic. At times it sounded like the different parts weren't in the same key signature and caused a bit of dissonance, though that can likely be fixed with some editing.

I am quite sad for Brainstar's technical difficulties, because I love the concept of what he was working on. Here's hoping that your computer won't get rekt again!

And the TVG gives rave racer exactly what it deserves, extended and gently variated glory. Awesome work!
Feb 08, 2021 bundeslang
  1. Tekno-Saviour ~ The One Who Will Fight to the Last Duel
  2. Impending End
    Wassup Thunder

Wassup Thunder - Enjoyed the orchestral sampling in combination with the 'rock background'. Liked the ending.
TheVodouQueen - Great way to use all the sources and the way they keep coming back during the song. Much is happening and everything is in a good balance.
TheVideoGamer - Enjoyed this style, it's really catchy. Liked the drumwork in combination with the samples. It's 7:34 but still there's much variation in it.
Brainstar - Sad that you couldn't finish, I like what's there.
Feb 08, 2021 TheVodouQueen
  1. Impending End
    Wassup Thunder
  2. Symphony No 4 in A Major (Rev Racer) (BONUS ENTRY)
  3. Earth Saving Tekno Draft (BONUS)


1) 'Impending End' - Wassup Thunder


* Love the more tribal drumwork and the commanding presence of the brass section (primarily trumpet). Really does up the quality and make the song truly sound like the coming of the end times and the fight to save the world.

* Love the flute oncoming from 0:50. Gave it that light spice, like that solitary ray of hope amidst the chaos and destruction. ;)

* This was a very creative bend on the song, and I liked it. One of your best I've heard so far, (and not because I like / picked the source.) You always come out with some flare for every song you do--extra notes, riffs, solos, etc. And this is a fine example of when it all works nicely together. :) If you had more time for mixing and mastering, I am sure it would've been even better.

Also this song reminds me of some weird mix between Monster Hunter and the Mega Man X series. xD Cool stuff. :D The electric guitar main melody was also stunning. :3


* Some of the woodwind instruments didn't mesh well with the midground brass instrumentation. You mentioned it needed more tweaking in the mixing phase, so some of the elements in the mid-range drowned each other out or clashed.

* Otherwise, don't have much more in the way of critique for the piece. It's solid enough on its own legs.

* I do think maybe some more attempts to slip "Teknopera" in there might've worked, even if it was just the operatic vocals from the song. :) If you do revisit this one, try it out and see!


+ 'Earth Saving Tekno' (DRAFT) - Brainstar


* OMG! ... :< I wanted more... *Cries* I do like where it's going though. Just a shame the accident happened and it didn't come to fruition. D:


* I am sad it was only 1:35. :( 'Cause my god that beginning was so somber, but I was ready for it to kick off something real nice and nostalgic. The brass symphony orchestra feel to a combination of both songs might've been a real interesting take if worked on more, (and I am sorry your laptop exploded from getting soggy! D: ) I encourage you to continue from where you left off and finish it, even after this competition. I'd love to hear more. <3 And maybe at some point we can collab. :D I'm fairly shy and don't think I'm that good at making anything artistic, even music, but hit me up if you ever do! :D *thumbs up*

+ 'Symphony No. 4 in A Major' (Rave Racer's "Teknopera" Extended Ver.) - TheVideoGamer


* *Head banging* The more and more I listen to this song, the more I'm in love with it. <3 I wasn't huge on many racers outside of Mario Kart and the occasional ones in arcades as a kid, like SEGA Rally, so it makes me sad that I missed out on the Ridge Racer series. Might give it a try TBH, considering my undying love for the Burnout series. :D


* That said, your reinterpretation / extension with the use of the MIDI you made is cool AF, man. Props, and plenty of it. Now to continue dancing to this very groovy shit. Man, I love it. <3 <3 <3 Also, I was very excited and happy to merge this song with Lufia's. Yeah, it needs more love and appreciation. Just unfortunately most people make remixes of very well known and popular songs from any one game series. So it's real, real nice to listen to all these songs I may or may not have ever heard of before, and get to appreciate them. :)