One Hour Compo - Round 701 (OHC701)

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Mar 17, 2022 Suzumebachi
  1. Duck Luck
  2. Would that make me Lucky
  3. lucky man

excellent lucky week everyone!

Mar 17, 2022 Arcana
  1. Would that make me Lucky
  2. Duck Luck
  3. 2 Fast 2 Fortunate [Top Gear 2 - Auckland]

Also wanted to vote for:





Mar 17, 2022 Koekepan
  1. Would that make me Lucky
  2. serendipitous serenade
  3. lucky man
The front running was so crowded. Very hard to vote.
Mar 18, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. Roll the Dice Girl (in the City)
  2. one in a million
  3. My Mistake

Love to hear you say that love is luck

Mar 22, 2022 coloradoweeks
  1. Would that make me Lucky
  2. Good Luck
    JH Sounds
  3. thrills

so many good entries this week, so lucky i got to be a part of it :)

Mar 23, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Noise, but in 7/4
  2. press button, receive coin
  3. Would that make me Lucky

@Arcana - Check the description of my entry. I've used a random number and text generator to essentially build this track. For the text, i was inputting letters for my Key Signature. And for the numbers it was for the BPM. It was a simple process, that guaranteed everything would be a random number/value for my piece.

@Suzums - Pretty much. For things like BPM i started with the lowest number of something around 80bpm, and then the highest of around 250bpm. 108 is where i landed. The text generator went through all of the key signatures from C to B. I also randomly generated whether it was Major or Minor.

@CotMM - My rule was, to use everything based off one click. I didn't refresh or reclick. Hence why my piece is purely luck lol.

@Arcana - Imagine you are throwing a ball to a different person, and telling them to pick a colour or a shape. That's what my track is based off. So your really get an end result, but you are not the one dictating that end result. In a way it is like a decision tree. The only thing i did that i didn't generate, was the track's creation. I used what i randomly generated as the basis for my track.

@CotMM - Or better yet, an album title.

@Misael.K - I do kind of add a pulse to the track, therefore removing most of the weird time signature elements. If i have a 4 on the floor to a time signature crazy loop, it kind of diminishes the weirdness of the loop a bit. Everything is splashed with delay as well, blurring some of the lines. It was a fun way to work though. Kind of interesting.

@Coloradoweeks - I've only really realized this now haha. Completely unintentional, but honestly i can't argue with that. I'll take it.

@Tetsu - For a second i got him mixed up with Ryuichi Sakamoto, because they both have similar backgrounds. I know i shouldn't, but the similarities are there.

@Misael.K - "Oh snap, 30 seconds before i hit the 6 minute limit, i'd better add some extra distortion to my kick!"

@CotMM - My kick drums could replace the sound of an actual machine gun lol.

@Ethansight - As random as it will ever be.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then....

TheVideoGamer - Everything in regards to randomization has really been discussed, so i'll talk about the music making process. The drums are primarily breakbeats mixed in with each other, with the exception of the 909 kick and 707 hi-hat. The pad chords and arp, are mostly written with their respective time signatures, and are processed with thick delay on it. The breaks are layer in between each other, than on top, to help with the time signature goodness. The arp plays throughout, as the main underlying element, whilst the beats and chords come in and out. It's a very loosely structured piece, with no distinctive section that's anticipated. It's just a randomized fun experience, i hope you like it!

Lyra_183 - Really lovely singing, great lyrics. Backing track was nice, really compliments the voice. Keep at it! Good job!

cotmm68030 - The random sound choices actually turned out beautiful. You've done a much better job than i would. There's no way i would get some lovely sounds out of a random mouse click. It's also very textural, and has a lot of surprisingly good melodic developments in this, very chill. Kick seems a bit lost, but it was a random selection, so all is forgiven lol. No but the chords are obviously programmed, not random at all lol. Anyways, enough talking, this is lovely, well done!

DarkShadow - Good ol' DarkShadow sound. Time Signature craziness returns once again. This one is too dissonant for my liking, i'm sorry. Props for the interesting ending, first i've heard you end like that. Good job though!

Koekepan - Your pad sounds, always sound deep and vibrant. It really makes one synth, seem like 10 synths, it's nice. This is the kind of stuff, i can zone out and listen to for 10 minutes, it's very spacious and calming. Feels like it belongs to a documentary. This is the good kind of simplicity, that really emphasises on the good sound design. Long story short, this was super enjoyable, well done!

animatrix1490 - I don't understand this one, i'm sorry. It's lacking in a lot of low-end, and It's a bit confusing in it's direction. I like the synth sound, i will admit. Good try though!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Aww yee, Synthwave from the master. Awesome melodies, lovely 80's FM sounds, and awesome mixing. It's just a lovely take on a really nice retro classic from Patrick Phelan. I can't say anything else, super fun and enjoyable. Well done!

Eva - The guitar and drums in this one are perfectly in sync, both mix and timing. I love the effects on your voice, it makes it sound like your singing from a forest or something. The only downside, is that it's very repetitive, using only 2 chords throughout. But i did enjoy it, so good job!

Misael.K - I love how this track is composed in a rock mindset, but yet it has an electronic sheen to the whole thing. It's like Synth-Rock but without majority of the synths. A part of me does wish there was a melody, to make it stand out more, yet another part of me feels it works without, as this sort of sad and dark guitar tune. I can vaguely hear a melody, so i'll end it at that lol. No but seriously, for all my tid-bits, this was a lovely tune, i especially dig the phased synths at the end, what a lovely touch. Super nice, well done!

Barley - You left your metronome on lol, and it's not hidden either. Your chord choices here are very fascinating. I love the weird complexities of it all, i'm drawn into it. The mixing is also seriously good here, it's a big step up from when i was first introduced to you, and the vocal was super nice and clear, lovely idea. The metronome is distracting however lol. Good job though!

Arcana - There's one too many nah's for my liking here lol. I guess this is what one take does to you, completely makes you reliant of ad-libs. Always look forward to your modular stuff, you really excel super well when you do you're modular stuff. Especially when it's live. I should try and do some improvised recordings, than programming the usual stuff. The nah's are a bit excessive, i'm sorry lol. Good job though!

Tetsu - Very mystical piano progressions here, kind of spooky. For your first entry, this is lovely, i could not do something like this on my first submission. Loving the square-waves in this, has an 80's feel, especially dinging how all of the synths and piano blends together, lovely stuff, well done!

Coloradoweeks - Feels like some Amy Winehouse oldschool type Motown record, love the lyrical content. Really fast singing, i would struggle keeping up the tempo, singing this fast lol. Feels like the perfect start to a lovely pop song. Well done!

NickC - Super cold pads, loving the melodies, some cool unique modulations here. Kind of sad in parts. I like the drums a lot in this, even if they are underused in this composition. Abrupt end, but well done!

Suzumebachi - Ooh Sega Genesis funk, how outstanding. The original sounds added alongside the FM funk, really brought it to life, so much awesome funky stuff. This is just....incredible, sooo much head-bopping. Awesome work!

Ethansight - The sub is going insane, especially for a chill orchestral type beat, and one with a drum groove to boot. Lovely string work, definately Ethansight's signature harmony. Kind of a mixture of orchestral, and electronica. I'm not sure if the drums are too quiet, or if the sub is too strong (It kind of makes it clip a bit). However the melodies were very strong, so i ended up thinking about this one. In the end, well done!

DJohn - Your just the master of sad piano ballads. It was lucky you got this theme haha. Piano work is lovely as always, amazing singing (You're just an incredible singer). Very well developed as a piano piece, lovely stuff, awesome work!

Starla - Your vocal work is always amazing, i love the cool autotune effects on the sounds. The beat work in this one is super strong. Lyrical content was very wholesome, congrats on 13 years of happiness. Let's hope you reach 25 :). A lovely simple, but effective banger. Well done!

JH Sounds - Lovely singing, nice backing. Always got that great lyrical writing, ton of fun, well done!

obScene - Beautiful experimental ambience. Very ethereal, but kind of textural. It's like half calming, half dissonant. This would be perfect if it was longer, like 3-4 minutes however i still loved it, awesome stuff. After repeat listens, i was so drawn into to the unique nature of the piece, i awarded it the top spot. Incredible work!

Top 3 - obScene, Suzumebachi, DJohn

These entries were sadly denied a spot on the top 3 :(




Awesome - cotmm68030, Koekepan, DDRKirby(ISQ), Misael.K, Tetsu, Coloradoweeks, NickC, Suzumebachi, Ethansight, DJohn, Starla, JH Sounds, obScene.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, animatrix1490, Eva, Barley, Arcana.

Mar 24, 2022 Misael.K
  1. serendipitous serenade
  2. lucky man
  3. As Luck Would Have It

cotmm68030: beautiful randoms.

colorado weeks: super fun entry and lyrics.

Tetsu: pretty and haunting first entry.

Many other entries I wanted to vote for, like DJohn, eva and ethansight.

awesum: Arcana, coloradoweeks, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), DJohn, ethansight, eva, Koekepan, NickC, obScene, starla, Suzumebachi, Tetsu, TheVideoGamer.
good: animatrix1490, Barley, JH Sounds, Lyra_183.

Mar 24, 2022 ethansight
  1. lucky man
  2. Noise, but in 7/4
  3. serendipitous serenade

1 coloradoweeks - Amazing rolling bassline and groovy melodies, love love

2 obScene - Huge and ominous 

3 cotmm - Some very deep sounds, like the space here

4 TheVideoGamer - Strange and crazy, but everything fits somehow and its a great ear massage

5 Suzumebachi - Super funk, slap bass is king with happy plinky synths

Koekepan - Luck running out vibes

DDRKirby - Very bouncy, nice synth wash in the background

Misael.K - Headbanger, the mystical synth at the end is absolutely wonderful

Tetsu - Welcome! Crisp drums and peppy synths

NickC - Interesting mix of things here

DJohn - Very airy vox and clean mix

Starla - Happy beat!

Mar 24, 2022 cotmm68030
  1. My Mistake
  2. Down The Barrel Of A Gun
  3. one in a million

good stuff

Mar 24, 2022 Lyra_183
  1. 2 Fast 2 Fortunate [Top Gear 2 - Auckland]
  2. Good Luck
    JH Sounds
  3. lucky i had this synth with me