One Hour Compo - Round 613 (OHC613)

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Jul 09, 2020 Suzumebachi
  1. Emerging from the Shadows
  2. spirals
  3. The Man Without Answers
lalalala lots of runners up
Jul 09, 2020 Arcana
  1. spirals
  2. The Man Without Answers
  3. Set in stone
I also really wanted to vote for DarkShadow, nukage, and Suzu. LunacyEcho was really fun as well. Nice compo all.
Jul 10, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Warm Neon Road
  2. Set in stone
  3. Light Pollution
@Everyone - It's funny how you guys keep mentioning Progressive Trance, because i was actually aiming for an ambient techno vibe. It's only 1 chord, that might be why...wait that makes it Tech-House or something? Ambient House? God there's so many genre names i don't know!! lol

@Arcana - Thanks for the kind words! I am known for more repetitive styled compositions, but if Steve Reich can do it, then so can i, haha.

@Everyone - If i was to describe it in letters, i suppose it's A,B A,B?. I mean again it's one pad chord in and out, which is probably where everyone points to, in terms of describing sections. Again, music has no rules, and if they did....i would make sure to break each and every one of them.

@Arcana - I don't DJ. I mean i know what to do, but i don't actively spend my weeks playing and mixing music, and if you saw me do it....let's just say it might be more of a disaster. Music production however.....


TheVideoGamer - This is a 7 minute ambient techno kind of track, because the images gave me that kind of mood. I've done quite a few of these one chord dealies, but i guess it's the images fault haha. In these cases though, the chord is the selling point. Yeah, be surprised i actually put effort into making 1 chord. The whole point of the track, is the filtering of the chord in and out, which is sort of why it's 7 minutes. Who cares, i'm sure you enjoyed it right?

DrumJ8 - You didn't give me really much to look at, however what i heard sounded rather nice. Good job!

DarkShadow - UNNNNNNNTTTTZZZZZ. I actually like the chord sequences here, even in your usual manic style. Good job.

Koekepan - You could have explored more of that M1 Piano. It was really selling the experience. Mix was dynamic sure, and it did sound nice, but it feels very basic. Good job though!

cotmm68030 - I know the feeling. It's hard to find a track you like, in a space of 1 hour. Short yes, but very unique styled Industrial Rock. Good job!

A2Z - Really like this one a lot. Great beats, super punchy and really goes hard with the mix. If i have to be honest, i think this needs to be longer for this kind of genre. I didn't get as much hype, because it was only 2 minutes. Still liking them beats, so good job!

Skrullz - i suppose to rave to this or something? I guess...interesting?

Ashka - No. Don't you even dare. No i refuse to put you at first place. I must resit the urge to put this dude at number one, because of how god damn good he is. In all serious though, the real reason why you are second, is because the beats are very quiet, to the point where it's masked in the mix. The rest though, is on another level entirely. Incredible work dude!

Suzumebachi - Really solid guitar playing! I would have extended it a bit though, the Metal Section comes in at the closing part, just as it ends. Great job though!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Beautifully dynamic mix, and lovely well produced melodies. That's all i really need to say. Sorry Ashka, DDR has trumped this round. Excellent dude!

Nukage - Both sections are sick and awesome, it's the Nuke i always love, however i thought it could be interesting to make it more atmospheric, like Chill-Out music, if you left the first half running, for it's full duration. Who cares though, well done!

JH Sounds - Really nicely produced. Chords were great, and voice works well. Not liking the drums, they didn't lock into the track, and the guitar was too consistent, for it's runtime. Good job!

Starla - Backing track is nice, if a little uneven in the mix, however the vocals are great, and as a whole this composition is nice, just a little uneven. Well done!

NickC - Loving the pad sounds, they are so uniquely awesome. The beats go great too, this was just one enjoyable experience. Awesome Work!

Misael.K - The melodies in this one, are soooo nice, but sadly the drums and the long unnecessary pause (In the middle) take it back. For this track to really work, i'd loose the drums, and add a sub-bass of some kind. The drums were just...there, still though love the melodies. Good job!

Arcana - A rather nice blend of sounds here. Need to watch your limiter, it get's a little clustered at the end, however what you've presented sounds nice. Good job!

Ethansight - As a whole, lovely ideas. Really nice melodic elements, and synth choices. Personal preference for me, needs louder beats, but the rest was lovely. Well done!

LunacyEcho - +1 for Earthbound! Well done!

Dex - Really nice and rocking. Feels a little lifeless, and unfortunately a little loud, but it was a good composition. Good job!

Silverpool64 - I actually really enjoyed this. It had a solid beat foundation, and a great range of synths. Well done!

Top 3 - DDRKirby(ISQ), Ashka, NickC

Awesome - Ashka, DDRKirby(ISQ), Nukage, Starla, NickC, Ethansight, LunacyEcho, Silverpool64.

Needs Work - DrumJ8, DarkShadow, Koekepan, cotmm68030, A2Z, Skrullz, Suzumebachi, JH Sounds, Misael.K, Arcana, Dex.
Jul 10, 2020 JH Sounds
  1. Losing it all
  2. spirals
  3. 9-Bit iPad
There it goes again
Jul 11, 2020 ashka
  1. Cityscape
  2. Warm Neon Road
  3. Spiral of Colors
TheVideoGamer - really good song! digging the progression throughout, makes me want to work more on my transitions
DDRKirby(ISQ) - very nice bloops! cute progression and various sections
A2Z - cool sounds, liking the automation and the solid beat!
Jul 16, 2020 DDRKirby(ISQ)
  1. Space Walk
  2. Spiral of Colors
  3. Set in stone
Cool theme, cool plucks, cool sounds.
Jul 16, 2020 LunacyEcho
  1. Warm Neon Road
  2. spirals
Jul 16, 2020 Misael.K
  1. Spiral of Colors
  2. spirals
  3. Warm Neon Road
Many excellent entries to choose from! Congrats to everyone.

A2Z: perfect for the theme, loved this.

starla: great vocals and beat!

DDRKirby(ISQ): super soothing.

awesum: A2Z, ashka, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, DrumJ8, ethansight, LunacyEcho, NickC, nukage, starla, Suzumebachi.
good: Arcana, cotmm68030, JH Sounds, Koekepan, Silverpool64, TheVideoGamer.�
Jul 16, 2020 Silverpool64
  1. The Vortex
  2. Cityscape
  3. Warm Neon Road
Don't wait until the last minute to vote. It doesn't work. :) NickC's entry is one of my favorites.