429th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS429)

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Jun 26, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. that's a nice attitude ryan
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I finally tried to vote this time, to account for my absence!

@Everyone - Yes it was a shameless prank, I’m sorry lol. I didn’t have time to make a full track, so this is the best I can do. Hope you had a good one!

AintShitJosh - Wooow vocals? Dam the guitar work is fire as hell. The lyrics sounds familiar lol. Awesome beats, well done!

Gercr - Love your guitar tones, always soo funky! The wah is delicious. Abrupt ending. Drums might be more on the quiet side, but it was funky as hell, Well done!

DJohn - Sadboiiiiiii, beautiful emtional guitar, lovely trap beats, amazing singing. Everyone’s killing it so far! Lovely stuff, well done!

Antik - Some really interesting pads, very spacious and kind of chill. It’s nice when you do the unexpected, than simply hip-hop. It’s definitely an album opener, or maybe even a closer. Soo cool and experimental, well done!

Taiine - Man all of the tracks so far are fire!! The chords in this one are pretty awesome, very spacious and chill, but kind of dissonant in a calming way. I love gorgeous ambience. DnB stuff was extremely tight, amazing stuff. I was head banging so hard, well done!

bo0m3r31337 - Chugggggg!!!!! Awesome metal and electronica! It’s to be expected of Boomer, but this one especially was hard and awesome. Well done!

Jose - Cute piano techno. Really digging the piano work and drums. Well done!

Teenagebeard - Heavy bass work, the singing is awesome as usual. It’s a bit of a weird mix, however it grew on me a lot. Well done!

Top 3 - Taiine, DJohn, Antik

Awesome - Everyone!!

Needs Work - No One!!!!