One Hour Compo - Round 764 (OHC764)

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Jun 01, 2023 Koekepan
  1. house of worship
  2. Come soon
  3. the longing we feel for abandoned dreams
coloradoweeks's work was goth dancehall compatible, which matched the theme beautifully.

I liked voider's piano.
Jun 01, 2023 Arcana
  1. It Lives
  2. Farewell
  3. Church of The Macabre

spoooooky and stuff

Jun 01, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. house of worship
  2. Your Fear Dwells
  3. Come soon


Jun 03, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. the longing we feel for abandoned dreams
  2. house of worship
  3. It Lives

@Dex - lol

@Coloradoweeks - I think it's a single organ and a bell sound, but i might have to check my project...


@JH Sounds - Gotta be honest, 60 percent of the comments seem to about JH's entry, so i don't seem to get a lot to reply to....

@Misael.K - Hol' up...

@Misael.K - When in doubt, just make it an octave lower. Always makes it moody for some reason lol.

@Ethansight - Best stay out of it. Violins creating drama never goes down well haha. That was a joke by the way lol.

@Misael.K - And of course Misael's catchphrase "digging this" lol

@JH Sounds - Ending on solo piano is one thing. But why not thrown in some Breakbea....for good measure lol

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words although, Gotta be honest, 60 percent of the comments seem to about JH's entry, so i guess i didn't seem to get a lot to reply to. Oh well, not many people probably read or understand this anyways. On to some actual music!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - This track is basically summed up in 3 phrases. Fast, Slightly Tense and Thick. Very fast tempo of 190bpm with slightly tense and semi spooky chords and melodies against a very thick sound palette of basslines and beats, and all sorts of grooves. It's not the best structured piece, it's very disjointed with sections coming in at will, without much rhyme or reason. It's not sudden, of course you know a section is coming, but it's just not in the way you were hoping or imagining it to be. The whole backbone is basically Drum and Bass, with changes in velocity and different fills both in the form of loops and programmed beats, as well as thick basslines that make it more like a mixture of Liquid and Darkstep kind of DnB. I'm no connoisseur, this is sort of TVG's blend of DnB. The melodies are supposed to be very dark, kind of fitting for some Church or Castle, but because it's nestled in a melodic format with some groovy beats and a melody, it can dilute it a bit into a more Children's kind of Horror show. I could have done more sound design material, but that didn't really manifest, and because of time i had to get stuff down, so i rolled with what i had. Still though i hope it was fun to listen to, and i did enjoy making this quite a bit, so who knows. All in all, glad you liked it!

Lyra_183 - Ouch i hope you feel better! I know it hurts, but it especially hurts when you get a full on bleeding graze in your face. Glad you managed to make something both slightly funny and quite lyrical out of it though! It also managed to not take away from your super strong singing, you sing really well! I'll give you this one, because one, you made some really good lyrics out of this, and also it's...maybe a bit of a sympathy ranking. Having a full door on your face is not fun, i've been in similar situations. Anyways, well done!

cotmm68030 - Lotta delay's in this. it sounds like nearly everything is a delay lol. Has that really classic signature deep textures you are known for. I can detect a lot of voices pitched down to a very low note, maybe it's one of you guys or something. The minute i say that, i'm gonna get a DM telling me i'm way off lol. This is a full on sound design experience, sounds more like the aftermath of a Hurricane or even a Zombie Apocalypse, it's super cool. It did not make me scared though, this theme is not for young children lol. However the way you manipulated the sounds, has definately got me very interested, so much so that i'm not even hesitating to give it an awesome rating. In fact i'm going further and give it the top spot. It was extremely theme accurate, and had a lot of wonderful sound design moments, incredible work!

DarkShadow - This is full on NES DarkShadow. All the bits and none of the bytes lol. This one has an actually lovely melody, and a great groove. Reminds me of Castlevania a bit. It also really fits the theme. Yeah no this took me by surprise, i actually love it. Great melodies! For once i could have actually voted for this, it's arguably my favourite DarkShadow entry to date. Awesome work!

Meistr - Oh my god that is a haunting choir/voice sample, that immediately gravitated the minute i heard it. But being the Mesitr you are, you can't help it, you gotta throw in some dubstep in there. Now the buildup did hype me up and that drop was absolutely hard, and killer. The only downside is that the epic choir section at the beginning is absolutely destroyed in the drop. You might as well not even bothered lol, it has no purpose because the drums and synths are super in your face in comparison. If i have to be blunt, the choir parts and the dubstep beat are two completely different things. I would have gotten rid of the choir and used it somewhere else, or maybe scaled back the Dubstep stuff to let the choir do a bit of the work. Not only does it make it more spooky as a result, but it also allows for more melody play. It's evident in the waveform as well, the choir part is very quiet, and then this massive spike in volume as a result of the Dub stuff. I'm still gonna give you this, based on how exceptionally well done the dubstep stuff was made, but if you really want to tip it further, then these slight critiques can be useful. Still though, well done!

Voider - Ooh piano piece. Waveform is quiet, but the melodies are haunting. I am reminded immediately of Aphex Twins DrukQs, except it doesn't sound far away, or lo-fi, or like you stuff some stuff inside the piano a la John Cage. No it's a normal piano sound as far as i'm concerned, and it's one hell of a beautiful piece. You don't need to be fancy or technical to make a good piece of music, this track showcases it very well. One piano, and a good knack for melody writing is enough. Lovely stuff! If there was a 4th place this would be the entry, it was lovely stuff, regardless of whether it's drawn or played. Awesome work!

Koekepan - Koekepan's epic 6 minute return is here. That bell sound is really nice, sounds like a nice synthetic recreation of a Tubular Bell/Church Bell. Obviously fake, but done in a way it really amplifies a cold atmosphere. It can be a little hot, it sort of drowns some of the deep choir like textures in this, however i am open minded, so i try to look for what's intentional, vs what's not intentional. The choir is my favourite part, it really makes it belong to some modern video game, it's quite spooky. Love how dynamic the drums are in this, they're some thick drums, and some mild drums all weaving in and out. The pads really saved it from being too minimal, and just adds the perfectly level of spookiness and etherealness to the piece. The single D note bell can be a little....grating maybe. This is definately music to lay back and drift off to. You can't really decipher music like this in detail, because it's a background piece. When you listen as a background piece, it's actually pretty awesome, and not really something to move up close to. So with that in mind, i'm leaning towards giving it to you, because it's some killer sound design and atmospheric stuff. Well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - The faded pad with it's long attack seems to be the popular choice of instrument for a lot of peeps in this compo round. Immediately sounds like the furthest thing from a DDRKirby entry, when i hit play, and that is an awesome thing. Because it means your going out of your comfort zone. When the drums come in, i do get that DDR respite though, so it's not entirely leftfield. By the way i say this with the intention of complimenting, this is not a negative. Love how you slowly tease me with this very dark Downtempo type beat, and then immediately up the tempo into some frantic DnB. Quite the unexpected shift, and damn it works so well. The whole thing is like a rollercoaster of emotions, especially for a piece at 3 minutes long! It's absolutely theme fitting, and clearly showcases why you are just such a top class producer, i loved it! Well done!

Coloradoweeks - More tubular bells! I can't remember if i used one in my piece lol. I know i used an Organ, but that's about it. Love how you creep in this very percussive beat. It has the qualities of Coloradoweeks, but also done in a way i was not expecting Colorado to do. Very unique, and feels like were doing some drumming of some kind. The vocals that come in, was also extremely unique and completely unexpected. It's not just your voice (Or at least it sounds very much like your voice. But i could be wrong, synths these day's can be so convincing). It's kind of heroic in parts. You really know how to build and drop, you got me all hyped in this spooky train. Some parts can be a little shrill to be very nitpicky about it (Not loud or annoying, just sometimes a bit too...shrill), but you did use a lot of filtering in this, so it's more of the effects being given a platform to speak and express. Really though, the point i'm making, is that this is a certified Coloradoweeks banger, and i'm going to say not only is this beyond well done, but it was enough for the 2nd spot. Amazing work!

Dex - I really dig that melody, it's very melancholic, but also kind of gets me out of my seat a bit. I don't know what it is lately, but you've really gone to town on the Harmony, and i absolutely love it! You make some pretty dope chord progressions, but this is like a step up, i don't know. The whole thing for some reason is very baroque inspired, mixed with your classic rock shenanigans. It's as if Bach decided to form a rock band or something, it's a lovely blend. Extremely nice catchy melodies, and surprisingly well mixed too, it's extremely catchy. Awesome work!

JH Sounds - Oof that Pianoteq app has really gotten you addicted huh? (Wait you also said you had acquired Logic Pro for mobile, so i need to recheck this). Like with Voider there is something to be said about simplicity using only a single instrument. I love how you managed to introduced various sections by going half-time and double time. Some chords are augmented and diminished as well, for that extra spooky flair. Lots of cool articulations too! If anything you should do more of this, i was really loving the melodies in this! Well done!

Ethansight - Lovely intro, really has a bit of a science fiction vibe. Great melodies in this, it's got quite the Monstercat feel for some reason. Maybe kids house of horrors who knows. Not saying that in a negative way, it has quite a child like innocence in the sound. Loving the chords in this, it's like a mix of a vocal sample and a synth it's lovely. It's a bit on the short side to be truthful. I don't mean short as in length, but short as in the real meat doesn't last as long as it could. But saying that, the melodies were extremely catchy, and the drums were mighty funky, so i'm still gonna give you this one. Awesome work!

Arcana - Your harmony game as of lately is really good! I don't know what's making me addicted, but there's something in there that's really making me loving it. The overall volume is quiet, but sort of changes when the lyrics come in, it's quite....different. Still could benefit from a boost. The vocals seem to be out of time with the drums, i don't know if that's maybe how it was programmed. The tuning in this one is better than last time, it sounds like you have a really cool vibrato effect going on. It's quite spooky almost. I do have my critiques, particularly in the timing of the vocals, the overall waveform's loudness, and maybe some mixing issues. However i really don't want to break my streak of nonstop well done's, and relistening i did get something really cool out of your entry that i wouldn't normally. It was actually better than i thought. Put it this way, i would feel terrible if you were the only one that was on the Needs Work section. So well done!

Misael.K - The late arrival lol. Normally your last, or maybe the last few, but in this case your actually pretty late. Digging the cool synth chords, and nice melody. Has that perfect fine line between spooky and funky. Sort of atmospheric in a way, even though there's a melody and some deep chords. It's quite rumbly, reminds me a lot of wind. The melody is definately unstructured, and feels more like a jam or a solo, than a repeated fragment, even though it's more in the background, it does add something that you wouldn't normally get if it's in the front. Loving the beats, kind of a 180, and works to it's advantage, even though i was expecting more of an ambient cut. Still though, it's super groovy, and has a really nice vibe overall, extremely killer chords. Awesome work!

Top 3 - cotmm68030, Coloradoweeks, DDRKirby(ISQ).

Most of the top three was primarily based on theme accuracy.

These entries are amazing and are worthy of being on the list:

DarkShadow (Man this was actually one of my favourites from you in recent years, it was soo good!)

Voider (If there was a 4th place this would be it, i loved it so much, i wish it was on the list!)

Dex (So wished this was on the list, it's a lovely entry!)

Ethansight (Another entry that is voting worthy)

Misael.K (This would be voting worthy if it arrived on time)

Awesome - Lyra_183, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, Meistr, Voider, Koekepan, DDRKirby(ISQ), Coloradoweeks, Dex, JH Sounds, Ethansight, Arcana, Misael.K.

Needs Work - It's an OHC first (From what i can remember). Nobody ended up on this section! Well ok, i nearly put Arcana on the list (I suppose you could count Lyra, but that's a completely different situation altogether), but to have only Arcana on here is kind of a disservice (And it makes me feel bad), so i decided to be nice and give him a well done rating. So either you guys are just too good, or there was surprisingly very little in the way of improvements. Still though, congratulations to everyone, you actually smashed it this round!

Jun 08, 2023 voider.
  1. Church of The Macabre
  2. Journey Through Cursed Lands
  3. Gnarled Bark and Leaves
    JH Sounds

Although,I can't understand it clearly:)

But exactly,Everyone's is awesum=D