One Hour Compo - Round 722 (OHC722)

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Aug 11, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. new beginnings
  2. The rise of sunthin
  3. Deadly LAZER


Aug 11, 2022 Dex
  1. foggy skies
  2. Touch the Horizon
  3. The Day Do Not Wait

Aug 11, 2022 Koekepan
  1. Sunrise
  2. Early View
  3. Hello Beautiful
Meistr created the best soundscape, in my view, while DarkShadow showed better old-school sequencing skills.
Aug 18, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. The Day Do Not Wait
  2. Hello Beautiful
  3. Mornin'

Hmm it turns out I’ve annoyed some people. I wasn’t aware that it had to be strictly related to the theme. I was gonna make a justification, but then I realised I did kind of share something, than create something, so it is a little bit off topic. I know I want to defend my actions, but the point Starla made about sharing, sort of clicked with me. I don’t even know I can do it again anyways, as there is a 2 hour difference in my country, and i was uploading at 4am lol. I was super tired basically. So if I’m gonna do it, I have to be prepared, which is impossible in this time zone haha. On all seriousness, I’m sorry for any inconvenience I’ve caused.

I do wanna address the peer review thing, as my time zone makes it impossible for me to stay until 4am (My country of UK). So I can only really submit and go to bed, if I want to stay awake Friday. The time I’m in the UK in my home, I use my normal DAW, I follow the image, and I try hard enough to bang out a banger if i can. Any old projects are selected with care to make it match or tuned to the theme. More often than not I follow the theme. Sometimes I don’t, because the theme is difficult. Long story short, I do try and make an effort, I’m not just some outsider trying to invade anyones space. So please don’t assume that I’m just here to invade anyone’s space. 

I’ll respond to the other comments now.

@Misael.K - All the winds!

@Treyt - Nice pun lol

@Dex - The track I’ve made was based on the music I was listening to at the time.

@Treyt - 303 for the win!

@Mister Fox - I dunno haha, I was actually inspired by mainly Speed Freak as well as Magical Mystery era Psychadelic Beatles. I guess I failed in my inspiration lol. 

@Misael.K - Probably lol

@CotMM - Yep lol, it’s supposed to be a bit ethereal.

@Treyt - Everyone says it’s PS1 sounding, but yet it wasn’t my intention at all lol.

@Mister Fox - My best output is on my normal DAW.

@Misael.K - More like next week, I’ll be back to normal lol.

@Everyone - I guess I made PSX music lol. Not my intention at all, but oh well. Thanks for the kind words!

It’s not easy when your on an IPhone lol. It leads me to mistakes and slow writing. Mobile voting, les gooo!

Now then…

TheVideoGamer - I’ll keep it simple, because the track is simple, and also I want to focus more on the entries. It’s essentially a relaxing type piece, but with a fast trance like sheen to the whole thing, and a pumping 808 styled hardcore kick to the whole thing. The acid is manipulated in a way, that it sounds like some live performance or something. Not my best work, the drums when listening back sound bad in my opinion, but what’s done is done. Oh well, thanks anyways!

cotmm6030 - Deep textures. A lot of your tracks always seem to have a bit of earthquake like rumble to them which I always love. I recognise those spitfire pad sounds anywheres. It’s a classic sound. The chords are really good, you’ve used the pad sounds really well in this context. I like how you vary the pads into different degrees. It’s not just one pad sound throughout. When you build the chords up, it sounds like some very epic cinematic piece, extremely lovely melody ideas, great flow. It’s just an awesome piece. Awesome work!

Koekepan - looks like you’ve given me very little music this week lol. I don’t know if I can vote for 36 seconds, but of the stuff presented it sounds really nice, very cool synth chords and melodies. Good job!

Lyra_183 - As usual great singing! You would make a fine songwriter. Would love for you to start incorporating singing into some beats, it’s super nice. Good job!

Misael.K - More deep textures! I wanna say a part 2 to CotMM lol, but more relaxing and uplifting. It’s kind of like some advert for some water company haha. That’s a compliment not a diss. On all seriousness though, there is a very psychedelic overtone to this, sounds like it was made with no structure or arrangement, and was designed to be as free flowing as possible. The result is an extremely calming very hazey and kind of beautiful distorted blend of sounds. It’s lovely in a way, amazing work!

DarkShadow - I often test how loud the tracks are gonna be by listening to yours first haha. No offence, but you usually have the loudest track on here, unless someone beats you to it lol. There is no time for rest with yours, it’s always get up and go. I do like the tempo changes in this one, it’s similar to my fractal pieces I explored for OHC718. Not a fan of the mix on this one personally. The drums are a little flat. Good job though!

Nukage - It ain’t a Nukage track without the vocals lol. For once I’m super glad you’ve made it a fairly lengthy piece. Normally you stick to the 1:40 range, and while that’s fine and all, your bangers need to be fleshed out because they end so early man. The compression on this one is amazingly tight as always. Pounding Trap beats with DnB overtones. Somewhat a signature sound for you, but done amazingly well for. I’m glad I got to experience a full on Nuke expedience, as one minute is too short for this kind of stuff. Well done!

Dex - Cool bluesy like melody ideas here. Feels like it’s a tad bit country sounding, even though it’s clearly rock music. The tones are rocking as always, it’s a really good guitar tone. The drums in this one aren’t as powerful as your normal beats, or at least the kit I recognise as your default go to. It works here of course, but when it’s the climax, it can feel a tad buried. It’s still a great piece, however I’m feeling a good job for this, I’m sorry.

Barley - Delayyyyy. It’s like the riff is being played like 5 times each in different parts of the track. The tones are very interesting. The drums are nice and clear in this, it sounds nicely mixed. The guitar tone is very distorted, in a way I can’t tell what you’re playing. So it sounds like just some warbly texture than a clear melodic idea. Mix is really good, but the again the melody is hard to follow. Really it’s just polish, as it has a lot of potential. Good job though!

Meistr - Really cool pads. The drums are wonky, great grooves. The beats and chords remind me of DDRKirby lol. I love the syncopation on this beat, awesome grooves. Chords are lovely too, it’s very 80’s synth sounding. Vocals we’re very unexpected and random, and personally ate a little of the mix, however they only last for like 10 seconds, so it’s not too much of an issue, nor was it enough for me to move away from the awesome category. Well done!

Treyt - Intense sidechain, loving these guitar like synths. Drums are super powerful, like extremely in your face powerful. Now the melody ideas are great, they are not in the background, they actually manage to fit with the super powerful beats. The guitar work almost puts it into a different context. Even with its intense side-chain, the melodies were really nice, nothing stuck out in a bad way. I ended up putting this in the awesome category, as there was a lot of great stuff in this. Well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) (First Entry) - Looks like you went for 2 entries. Seems to be more of an uptick of this kind of 2 part entries. Very wholesome and uplifting melodies, almost like end credits for a movie or video game. That is a very interesting snare/clap sound. Has the classic production values of what DDRKirby is known for, and the guitar and piano work really makes this something. In my opinion, out of the two, I prefer this one. Awesome work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) (Second Entry) - The second seems more nostalgic than the first one, and has more of a lo-fi tinge to the sound. The beat itself is more of a continuation of the first entry, so much so it sounds like day and night versions. Not I don’t know which I prefer to be honest, because both are awesome with different ideas. It’s hard, as I have to pick one. Maybe the first one is better for me, largely because the melodies in that one are more uplifting, and I like me some uplifting melodies. Still though, both are awesome, so well done!

obScene - Sweet strings, very wholesome sounding. Has that signature distorted industrial elements on top of cinematic orchestration, it’s a classic combo that I always love. The time signature movements are always fun as well. I just love how you’ve added these spice notes to make it really interesting, it isn’t just a major chord. Whole thing is super lovely, amazing as always, enough for the top spot. Incredible work!

mcmiagblackmanisgod - The master of the oldskool cut. Our very own DJ Shadow here lol. Very tight loops, the whole thing rattles on my brain, the deep subs are tight. This is just quality hip hop chopping, nothing else to say, well done!

Handknit - Sweet distorted 808 and cool synth leads. Kind of a confusion direction, feels like a random jam more than anything, and there is work in the mixing to be done, however it did sound somewhat nice. Welcome new guy. Good job!

Starla - Classic Starla Chords, loving how quality that piano is, compared to mine lol. Tight basslines, really goes hard in my ears. If anything a little too hard for my liking. It’s very bass heavy, and the drums are completely blackout by that. I don’t hear a strong drum prescience because of it. The vocals sound amazing as always, and while close to the threshold, it was actually not too into the mix. It was the bassline that I unfortunately have a problem with. I loved the idea though, lovely piano sound. Good job!

Ethansight - Square waves! Need I say that is the classic Ethansight harmony? We all have our signature production patterns. In this case it’s the chords for you, the deep pads for CotMM, and the Downtempo leanings of DDRKirby lol. This is some amazing chord work as usual, and that fill. Awesome way to fill into the piece. The vibes in the second half is super funky! Extremely amazing melodies in this one. It’s also really perfectly mixed as well, even if short, and the kick is a lil bit close to being loud. It’s incredible stuff, incredible work!

JH Sounds - JH taking a crack at a country song? Sounds like it. You always make some great lyric writing. It’s a really fun song to listen to. You always pull some unexpected chords that I don’t anticipate. Long story short, well done!

DJohn - Late entry les goooo. Sick guitar work, it has that major third that is often associated with Radiohead’s Creep. I dig the trap beats, amazing compression. Incredible singing as always, I love the mixing on this. Melody work is awesome as well. If this wasn’t late I could have put this one on the list, I loved it. Awesome work!

Top 3 - obScene, Ethansight, Misael.K.

I was spending a lot of time deciding whether Ethansight or obScene should be the number one spot, both were amazing. So this could have changed on any day.

These 3 were awesome enough to go on the list: 


DDRKirby(ISQ) (First Entry)


Awesome - cotmm68030, Misael.K, Nukage, Meistr, Treyt, Both DDRKirby(ISQ) Entries, obScene, mcmiagblackmanisgod, Ethansight, JH Sounds, DJohn.

Needs Work - Koekepan, Lyra_183, DarkShadow, Dex, Barley, Handknit, Starla.

Aug 18, 2022 Misael.K
  1. purple mountain majesty
  2. foggy skies
  3. Sunrise

cotmm68030: super relaxing.

DDRKirbyISQ: this second entry is lovely.

Meistr: digging the chillness.

awesum: cotmm68030, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), DDRKirbyISQ, ethansight, mcmiagblackmanisgod, Meistr, nukage, obScene, starla, Treyt.
good: Barley, Dex, handknit, JH Sounds, Koekepan, Lyra_183, TheVideoGamer.

Aug 18, 2022 cotmm68030
  1. The rise of sunthin
  2. Early View
  3. new beginnings


Aug 18, 2022 ethansight
  1. It's.....nice!
  2. Mornin'
  3. The rise of sunthin

1 mcmiag - Tight tight mix with big drums and a warm blanket of saturation

2 Misael.K - Beautiful shimmery sound, ethereal optimisitic wake up vibe

3 nukage - Supah hard, I've heard this sample before which is cool. Really like the phasey atmosphere vibe it adds. 

Barley - Balanced mix, guitar is gritty and full

Dex - Enjoyed the minor/major play

TheVideoGamer - Very fast and urgent, but the choir smooths it out

JHSounds - Happy and light

starla - In another life, I could be your girl...

handknit - Ending is fantastic

DDR - Both tracks are chill, bright skies is my favorite with the delay piano

Treyt - Good drive, like the washy guitar. Snare is a little hot!

Meistr - Nice beat, wish there was something more going on melodically besides the pads

Koekepan - Quick happy sunrise

cotmm - Smooth world awakening