304th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS304)

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Jan 27, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. three reasons
  2. prepare uranus, mars is ready
  3. Move to Mars
Another great week as always!

TheVideoGamer - Since it's a space theme, i definitely had to do techno. At first i wanted to try, something like Jeff Mills would do, but it ended up falling through. Partly because i'm not into imitating other artists. I like to be original, pretty much all the time. I don't know i felt something, off when investigating Jeff Mills and his techno. I still kept the techno, i just tried something different. The 2 main elements, that pretty much power the whole experience, is a punch beat with a big emphasis on delay, and a mysterious bell sequenced with literally an oversaturation of reverb. These are the elements that make up the fundamental experience. After that i went and grabbed some interviews of astronauts to really bring the experience home. Sure it's about the moon, this particular clip i chose, but i was only bothered about the astronauts and the interview, so i like it. Mix this with out synth effects and sounds, and it sounds like a Minimal Techno number.

Anyways, moving on.

Teenagebeard - Dude this is soooo trippy! Reminds me of Dream Pop/Shoegaze. Very atmospheric, with some lovely vocal chops. I just love this, so different, but so pleasing. Well done!!

UrinalPooper - Sick guitar tones dude! They're awesome! This is some classic punk rock dude! Don't have anything bad about this. Well done!!

AkiaDaGreat - A bit divisive since the vocals are quiet, or the sub is loud. I like the bass, it gives it a unique quality, and works well to add intensity. No problem with the vox, but i do think the sub needs a bit of space. That's what would maybe bring the vocal up. Still though it's nicely produced well done!!

Antik - Jesus this is just incredible. Never seen an Antik Composition go beyond 2 minutes haha. The sound design is just amazing. Love them synths, excellent work dude!!

Nukage - Classic Dubstep from you today dude! Great build ups, and great growls, dubs and wubs! Nothing bad to say! Awesome work as usual!!

Onia - I'm usually sceptical about extremely wonky material, but the melody and chords were so beautiful it took away the wonky-ness for a great composition. The beats were really good too, so i didn't find much problems, other than the more i listen the awesome it is. Well done dude!!

Timv - I was really adamant about choosing you or Antik. This is incredible also. The intro really introduces us to really amazing sound design, with a lot of cool dense textures, until suddenly out of nowhere DNB! Good ol' Whompy goodness! In the end though, Antik was better only because the sudden DNB drop caught me of guard. That's it though, that's the only issue i have, and it's a nitpick, not a serious issue. Still though, excellent work dude!!

Awesome - Teenagebeard, UrinalPooper, Antik, Nukage, Onia, Timv

Needs Work - AkiaDaGreat