Week 83 (90MC083)

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Aug 30, 2022 Misael.K
  1. 8/23/2022 - Planetscape
  2. Neon fields
  3. Radiant

Treyt: super cool style! that mixture of vocals and hard electro was really interesting.

Sansero: sounds like an uplifting adventure to be had.

TheVideoGamer: chill beat with some nice pads.

awesum: DJohn, Sansero, TheVideoGamer, Treyt.
good: Lyra_183.

Aug 30, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. The Journey Begins Again
  2. 8/23/2022 - Planetscape
  3. Neon fields

I was doing this compo the day before i got home lol, so i couldn't make the party. But i do have voting capabilities, so let's go through the entries now.

TheVideoGamer - I'm gonna keep this one brief. It's mostly pad chords, playing some rather beautiful and sort of space like chords, designed on synths to make it more of a neon aesthetic. It's all topped with a hip hop like beat, and a simple bassline to keep things moving, and to fill the space. It's very simple, and honestly it could be expanded with higher quality instruments, but i like the sounds presented.

Lyra_183 - That is an extremely quite waveform. You might win the record for the quietest lol. I've seen some quiet ones on OHC, but not this quiet. This sounds familiar, but i can't quite put my finger on it. Great singing, ton of fun. Well done!

Treyt - Interesting dubs and wubs. It's like a balance between dubstep, and trap music, it's really cool. The vocals are hard to decipher a little, it seems to be pushed down by the rest of the track. In terms of track though, it's seriously dope. Sidechain was great, and the melodies and chords were lovely. I'll give you it, since the melodies and compression was great. Well done!

Misael.K - 5 minutes les goo. Really liking these chords, very hazy and drone like. It's like a mix of minimalism meets psychedelia. Has that very raw unscripted piano feel, i dig it a lot. Drums are very cool, it sounds like you put them through some kind of bitcrush vst or something. It's a very slow building track, where everything is added in stages, until you have this climax at the end. You'd think it be repetitive but it's actually not, it's lovely. Drums aren't loud yes, but i feel in this case they're not meant to be loud. I don't know, i found this to be a lovely piece, with lovely melodic developments, awesome work!

Sansero - Synthwaveeeeee. Really liking the powerful beats here, very straight forward and perfect for that futuristic robot like dancing. The melodies in this one are powerful, which is kind of awesome. Very swingable melodies, and works super well with the pads. I can sense a tad bit of mixing to be done here, but mostly polish. Especially at the end, when it can be a little close to the threshold. All in all though, awesome stuff, well done!

DJohn - Texan David? Ol' David? I don't know, but the thought is pretty funny. Maybe Tuesday's should be reserved for covers? It seems like you do a lot of covers on a Tuesdays. I am totally aware of this song, it's an obvious classic to many people, and you sing it super well. It doesn't matter if it doesn't fit the theme or not, i couldn't find anything bad about this, it was a ton of fun, and exceptionally well produced, well done!

Top 3 - Misael.K, Treyt, Sansero.

I didn't feel like putting anyone in the good job section this week, nor did i want to have only one in there, so everyone is in the awesome section. Great week everyone, enjoyed all of your stuff!